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    Scientific use of pesticides to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products

    • Last Update: 2021-06-11
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    The application safety of pesticides is very important.
    Phytotoxicity problems often occur in agricultural production.
    The reasons for phytotoxicity are more complicated.
    In addition to the safety of the medicament itself, many of them are caused by improper use, such as high concentration and application during flowering period.
    can cause phytotoxicity

    Therefore, the scientific use of pesticides is very important

    Choose the right pesticide varieties, master the appropriate concentration and control time, and improve the control effect

    Different crops have different susceptibility to different pesticides.
    If they are used improperly, phytotoxicity will occur

    After selecting control agents, it is necessary to grasp the best control period according to the growth period of the crops and the degree of occurrence of diseases and insect pests, and scientifically configure the pesticides in strict accordance with the use concentration on the pesticide packaging

    The scientific use of pesticides, the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests must adhere to the policy of "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control", and implement chemical control on the basis of artificial, biological and physical control

    Carry out chemical control and grasp the time period of drug application.
    Most diseases and insect pests are in the early stage of onset, with less harm and good control effect

    However, after a large-scale outbreak, even with multiple medications, the loss is difficult to recover

    Therefore, we must adhere to prevention and comprehensive prevention and control, and reduce the amount and frequency of pesticide use as much as possible to reduce the impact on the environment and product quality

    Master the reasonable frequency and dosage of the medicine.
    The dosage should be determined according to the performance of the medicine, different crops, different growth periods, and different application methods to determine the concentration and dosage of the medicine

    The frequency of application is determined according to the length of the occurrence period of pests and diseases, the effective period of the medicament, and the control effect after the last application

    In short, the drug safety of agricultural products is very important and should not be careless

    (Excerpted from "Learning to Strengthen the Country")
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