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    Scientists develop a biomimetic super-strong water-based synthetic tissue adhesive

    • Last Update: 2022-05-25
    • Source: Internet
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    Medical tissue adhesives have attracted widespread attention in the medical field due to their remarkable advantages such as easy operation, non-invasive adhesion, instant sealing and hemostasis, and can effectively shorten the operation time, and have gradually become an effective auxiliary or alternative to traditional surgical sutures.

    The application of existing medical tissue adhesives and sealants on wet and dynamic tissue is far from satisfactory

    For wet and dynamic tissues such as lung tissue, myocardium, and gastrointestinal tract, developing a bioadhesive that can act as both a tissue adhesive and a sealant remains a major challenge


    Recently, a joint research team from Kunming Medical University and Pennsylvania State University has developed a biodegradable, super-strong water-based glue (B-Seal) strategy for surgery, inspired by the British ivy adhesion strategy and Cement particle packing theory
    The B-Seal tissue adhesive designed by the team is composed of a water-based biodegradable polyurethane (WPU) nanodispersion that is free of toxic chemicals and exhibits superior elasticity, superior wet tissue adhesive strength, and cerebrospinal fluid application Advantages such as leakage prevention and dural repair

    In addition, the team also verified the safety and efficacy of B-Seal in preventing cerebrospinal fluid leakage and repairing the dura mater based on a rat cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea model and a pig craniotomy model


    The research is innovative in design ideas, cleverly combines the plant adhesion strategy and the cement particle filling theory, and has excellent performance, providing a new choice for surgical wet tissue adhesives
    The research results were published in the journal Matter under the title "Bioinspired super-strong aqueous synthetic tissue adhesives"


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