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    Scientists have found that a bacterium can prevent food allergies

    • Last Update: 2021-02-06
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    food allergies are caused by the body's immune system overreacting, resulting in the production of special
    antibodies (
    ) in the blood. Special immune cells, such
    help cells act immediately against proteins in food, just as they do against germs. This process causes food allergies. There are many specific causes, including changes in enterobacteria. Recent studies have shown that certain bacteria can prevent food allergies.Probiotics prevent food allergiesA team led by
    Cathryn Nagler
    , a scientist at the University of Chicago, presented a study to the National Academy of Sciences that, based on rat tests, Bacillus difficile can prevent allergens from entering the bloodstream from the intestines. Therefore, food allergies that are currently difficult to treat can be treated by using these probiotics.scientists compared the effects of enterobacteria on allergens in laboratory mice. A group of laboratory mice lived in a sterile environment, i.e. did not come into contact with germs. Another group of laboratory mice was born with antibiotics that led to a significant reduction in enterobacteria. After feeding peanuts, a
    mice produced a large number of antibodies. The scientists then fed one group of laboratory mice Thyrobacteria, resulting in a significant reduction in hypersensitive response. Feeding polygonal bacteria (another type of enterobacteria) did not have this effect.scientists have found that Thyrobacteria can cause immune cells to produce large amounts of leciercin
    . Lecirtin
    is a "signaler" of the body's immune system that coordinates the response of immune cells to the invasion of germs and allergens. The 22-
    reduces the penetration of intestinal cortectal cells. Thus, Bacillus difficile through leciercin
    eventually led to a significant reduction in allergens entering the blood circulation, thus playing a role in the treatment of food allergies.also point out that not all eating discomfort is a food allergy. In many cases, eating discomfort is due to physical insatiability. This is completely two concepts with allergies. In the case of physical insumability, no antibodies
    produced. So the cause of the problem is not the immune system, but the digestive system. Such as lactose insatiability is due to the lack of lactase in the body to break down lactose. As a result, microorganisms multiply and produce gases. This eventually leads to bloating and diarrhea. If you encounter eating discomfort, you need to consult a doctor, the doctor can judge whether it is allergy or physical insatiability.
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