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    Selection of vinegar

    • Last Update: 2019-01-03
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    Introduction: there are many kinds and manufacturers of vinegar, which is also a seasoning we often buy in our daily life

    How to choose vinegar? Let's take you to know

    Vinegar can be divided into brewing vinegar and compounding vinegar according to the production process

    Brewing vinegar refers to a kind of sour condiment brewed by microbial fermentation with solid materials containing starch and sugar or alcohol alone or in combination; and blending vinegar is a kind of seasoning vinegar mainly brewed with food grade glacial acetic acid and food additives

    No matter which method, as long as it conforms to the relevant regulations, it can be safely eaten

    However, the nutritional value of blended vinegar is much lower than that of brewed vinegar, so it is best to choose brewed vinegar

    The selection method of vinegar 1

    First of all, see whether the bottle has the words "pure brewing" or "brewing vinegar"

    If there is no word "brewing", it means blending


    According to the requirements of national standards, the total acid content of vinegar products shall be indicated on the label

    The total acid content of high-quality vinegar in China is generally between 5% and 8%

    If the content is higher, it is proved that the stronger the acid taste is

    Generally, the total acidity of brewing vinegar is ≥ 3.5g/100ml, and the higher the number is, for example, 8% is better than 5%

    33, shake the bottle, the texture is strong, there will be a lot of uniform small foam, slowly disappear is this grain brewing


    Smell it, if it is mixed with acetic acid, it is very pungent, and tastes pungent; and the vinegar brewed will have unique fragrance and ester fragrance, which tastes soft and mellow

    In daily life, vinegar is the best way to identify through taste and taste


    Also pay attention to the production date, the name of the enterprise, whether there is a QS mark, etc., do not buy expired products

    Today's small edition of Baibai safety net gives a brief introduction to the selection of vinegar

    If you want to know more about vinegar selection, seasoning and food safety, please continue to pay attention to our website and hope that today's content can help you

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