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    Semin Arthritis Rheu: The efficacy of tozhumonosis in the treatment of white sepsis

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    White plug disease is a systemic disease that is associated with the affected eyes, mucous skin and blood vesselsA tumor necrosis factor inhibitor is known to be effectiveHowever, the effect of inhibiting interleukin-6 is not clearThe study investigated the efficacy of anti-white interleukin-6 receptor antibodies, tobead serotoninHere is a systematic literature review of articles reported prior to April 10, 2020 on the treatment of white sepsis with tozhuzumabForty-seven cases of white seise patients treated with tozhumonostatis were identifiedThe average age at which tozhuzumab was given was 36.9 years, of which 55 per cent were femaleThe average course of the disease was 99.5 to 61.4 months, and all patients were treated with pre-conventional and biologically difficult-to-treat diseasesThe clinical response to tozhuzumab varies from target organ to target organTozhuzumab improved almost all patients with eye (24/25), nervous system (6/6) and blood vessels (7/7), and secondary amyloid degeneration (2/2)Almost all patients with eyes (19/21), nerves (6/6) and blood vessels (7/7) were affected with reduced doses of glucocorticoidsIn addition, in 21 patients with eye stress, 11 achieved glycocorticoid-free remission and 3 in 6 neurological stress patients achieved hormone-free remissionHowever, tozhuzumab was not very effective for other manifestations, with only 8 cases in 21 cases of oral or genital ulcers, 6 cases in 14 skin-affected patients, 4 cases of 11 joint-affected patients, and 3 cases of gastrointestinal stressIt is worth noting that tozhu monotomatogena even aggravated 6 cases of oral or genital ulcers in 21 patients, and aggravated 2 cases of skin lesions in 15 patientsNo new security signals were reportedTobead monotomatorism is effective and can be used as an alternative therapy for refractive eye, nerve and vascular white sepsis and secondary amyloid degeneration, but is not recommended for patients with skin mucosa and joint stress
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