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    Seven regional alliances: supplies high prices, directly into the blacklist

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Medical Network June 8th, June 5, the seven city health insurance bureau jointly issued "on Shenyang and other seven cities public health care institutions medical supplies with the city of the same price results of publicity and confirmation of the notice", a total of 27 categories, more than 35,000 productsSeven cities, including Shenyang, Anshan, Fufu, Dandong, Yanxin, Tieling, Chaoyang, jointly carry out medical supplies with the same price workOn the basis of the verification of the purchase products and price comparison of the sunshine network of public medical and health institutions (including some provincial medical institutions) in the seven cities jurisdiction, the results of medical supplies of seven city public medical and health institutions are the same price as the cityIn the product range, select April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020, seven city jurisdictions of public health institutions in the "Liaoning Province medical institutions sunshine procurement medical supplies information library" agreed price seamount and produce the actual transaction of the products, through Liaoning Provincedrugand medical materialcentralizical procurement platform "unstocked product procurement management" end to fill in and produce actual transactions of productsIt should be pointed out in particular that the confirmation of the main aspect, must be in Liaoning Province medicine and medical supplies centralized procurement platform to complete the registration of medical supplies production enterprises, production enterprises set up only sales of the company's products of commercial companies, import products domestic generalagent(in the country does not have a general agent, only accept the registration of a first-level agent, this level of agent agent area, must cover the scope of Liaoning Province, depending on the productionenterprise
    Non-lowest price into the blacklist
    products how to hang up the net? What are the rules?Notice pointed out that the public products, the relevant production (business) enterprises must be in the seven cities medical supplies with the city of the same price information confirmation platform, on the completion of product confirmation, only in Liaoning Province, medicine and medical supplies centralizedprocurementplatform network, by the seven cities within the jurisdiction of public health institutions continue to purchase and use   To the relevant production (operating) enterprises voluntary commitment with specifications of model products (to Liaoning Province drug and medical supplies centralized procurement platform of the same product number) in Liaoning Province, the lowest sales price as the seven cities on the network procurement price;   Otherwise, all products under this catalog code are considered abandoned If the enterprise does not provide the product as a product of Liaoning Province minimum sales price, once true, will cancel the product in seven cities of the network procurement qualification, serious circumstances of the enterprise blacklisted, within two years may not participate in medical supplies centralized procurement activities  After products are connected to the internet, if the purchase price in Liaoning Province is lower than in the seven domain cities, the production (operating) enterprise situated and changed the purchase price of the product in the seven cities within 30 days to the Shenyang Medical Security Bureau, otherwise the registration of the network will be cancelled   All consumables or re-pricing June 5, according to the People's Network reported that Shenyang and other seven cities jointly carry out medical supplies with the city price work, is to play the lead role of Shenyang central city, the city to promote, implement the case, seven cities will achieve medical supplies procurement catalog unified, procurement price unity, for the next step to promote the province's medical supplies with a solid foundation for the purchase of medical supplies   Through the city-based medical supplies joint bargaining price or relying on the jurisdiction of medical and health institutions sunshine procurement price to establish a unified price, to ensure that each municipal co-ordination area patients use medical supplies at the same price, enjoy the same medical insurance reimbursement standard   In fact, the pace of the same price has been in Liaoning Province   On March 26, Liaoning Province medicine and medical supplies centralized procurement network released the "Liaoyang City, Yingkou City 2020 medical supplies centralized procurement announcement", this centralized procurement and other cities collection is different from the two cities of all public medical institutions using high-value supplies and low-value consumables will be included in the scope   The procurement is based on the previous "Liaoning Province on the implementation of the city-based medical supplies and testing reagents joint bargaining and volume procurement work notice", the results of the bargaining will be achieved in Liaoyang City and Yingkou City to implement the same price   The same price, the same medical reimbursement, means that the two cities more than 130 medical structure of all supplies will be negotiated, the price is also readjusted, unlike the previous band procurement, the category involved in this will be much larger   The size of the decline is related to the ability to make the shortlist In this regard, Liaoyang City Health Insurance Bureau tips: whether to enter the list, does not depend on the price reduction of individual varieties, but depends on the same group of similar varieties of the price reduction
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