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    Seven tricks to judge the accuracy of electronic scale

    • Last Update: 2013-08-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Many customers are worried about whether the electronic scale will be inaccurate when they are shopping

    In fact, some scales can't be seen

    Here are some tips to see whether the electronic scale is accurate: 1

    Observe whether the scale is placed on a spacious and bright horizontal table

    Some vendors will deliberately pile up goods and sundries near the scale, cover the subtitle screen of the scale, so that customers can not clearly see the unit price and weight of the scale, and then make a wild statement about the weight and amount


    When weighing goods, pay attention to whether the electronic scale returns to zero position

    Some merchants intentionally add a base number to the electronic scale before weighing

    If the customers don't pay attention, they can price together with the base number and the purchased goods


    Some vendors will add a tray when weighing goods

    At this time, consumers should pay attention to whether the electronic scale has removed the weight of the tray

    Many consumers will not pay attention to this detail, resulting in the weight of the tray being added to the purchased goods for pricing


    Before weighing, some peddlers press the electronic scale randomly

    Consumers think it's the peddler's unit price

    In fact, it's the peddler who inputs the password to change the weighing of the electronic scale, so as to harm the consumers


    The common trick of ghost scale deception in the general market is that some merchants deliberately turn the scale pointer to the right of the "0" point, and turn the reading plate back to the consumer

    If this happens, it is suggested that the consumer must ask the merchant to turn the reading plate and turn the pointer to the "0" point to prevent being cheated

    Some merchants do not use the scale, It will take the scale down and adjust the pointer to the "0" point, and then put the scale on when weighing the goods

    In this way, there will be errors

    It is suggested that the consumer must ask the merchant to weigh things for you again, so as not to be fooled

    There is another way to bring a standard "scale"

    When shopping, consumers can take a portable scale calibrated by the measurement department as the measurement test; they can also weigh the mobile phone with them accurately, and keep in mind that when they suspect that there is a problem with the seller's scale, they can use the mobile phone as the "standard weight" to test the scale, which can avoid the situation of inaccurate electronic scale, so as to ensure their rights and interests are not harmed


    The secret of the decimal point of the electronic scale: "Zui went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables recently, and found that when the operators in the vegetable market used the electronic scale, they all used the way of reducing the number of digits to input the price

    So what's the secret of this method of reducing the number of digits? Mr

    Liu, who taught mathematics in a middle school, calculated an account for the reporter

    At present, he said, the electronic scales on the market generally only display two digits after the decimal point, and are displayed by rounding

    With the method of abbreviated pricing, sometimes the number displayed will be more than the actual number

    For example, the price of a certain seafood is 45 yuan / kg, and the customer buys 0.75 kg

    If you input it according to the actual price, the electronic scale should display 33.75 yuan, and the customer will pay 33.8 yuan for more Zui, but if you reduce two decimal places, the price becomes 0.45 yuan, Then the amount displayed on the electronic scale should be 0.34 yuan, and the customer will pay 34 yuan after conversion, which is 20 cents more than the actual amount

    In fact, the vegetable market operators use the "loophole" that the electronic scale only displays two digits to unilaterally change the unit price input method and enlarge the error in order to seek personal interests

    For a consumer, what may be lost in this situation is a few dimes or a few cents, but if the stall owner obtains several dimes from each customer, it will be a large amount of money if the time is long


    Consumers generally can't recognize whether the electronic scale is refitted or not from the appearance, but there is still a way to recognize the true face of the cheating electronic scale

    Some fixed weight carry on items, such as mobile phones, can become the "lie detector" of the electronic scale

    After weighing these items on the standard electronic scale, remember the weight

    If you suspect that there is a problem with the electronic scale, put the items on the scale to weigh, so as to test the scale
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