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    Shaangu general contractor Anhui Litian maleic anhydride project started

    • Last Update: 2022-10-06
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    On June 26, Anhui Litian Organic New Materials Co., Ltd.

    started construction of a 60,000-ton/year maleic anhydride and supporting 200,000-ton/year unsaturated polyester resin project in Anqing High-tech Development Zone, Anhui Province


    The project adopts the n-butane oxidation process, and Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.

    provides system solutions and general contracting


    In recent years, China's degradable plastics have ushered in explosive growth, driving the rapid development of the maleic anhydride market


    With the advantages of raw material cost, cleanliness and environmental protection, the n-butane oxidation process is gradually replacing the traditional benzene oxidation process and becoming the mainstream of the market



    As a technical solution for generating units in the field of maleic anhydride, the units entered the earliest and leading technology equipment manufacturing enterprise.

    Under the guidance of the high-quality development concept of "finding products for customers, not customers for products", Shaangu focuses on customer needs and changes , Combined with the process characteristics of the maleic anhydride plant and the characteristics of the industrial park, the steam balance and overall energy matching of the plant are analyzed, the steam energy in the system is used intensively to the maximum extent, and a systematic unit solution that best matches the user's process needs is proposed


    It is reported that in the Anhui Litian maleic anhydride project, Shaangu provides users with steam-electric dual-drive, steam-turbine towed power generation units, etc.

    , which use the rich n-butane in the park as raw material to produce high-value-added maleic anhydride products


    And make full use of the advantages of the large amount of by-product steam of the maleic anhydride plant to provide users with an efficient energy recovery system, and supply the surplus by-product steam to the chemical enterprises in the park, which not only reduces the production cost of maleic anhydride, but also creates a new environment for users.




    Shaangu focuses on the needs of the maleic anhydride industry to create system solutions tailored to the needs of the industry

    As a "single champion product" enterprise in China's manufacturing industry, Shaangu has independently developed the world's largest and most technologically advanced AV140 axial-flow compressor unit; the total output of the developed axial-flow compressors has reached more than 2,200 sets, and the energy recovery power generation device has exceeded 1,600 sets.
    sets, ranking first in the world
    At present, the scale of Shaangu's compressor units in the maleic anhydride field ranges from 20,000 tons/year to 200,000 tons/year.
    Axial-flow compressor units are used in the world's largest maleic anhydride production unit, with safe and reliable unit control.
    strategy to meet the user's post-process requirements and the development trend of large-scale maleic anhydride plants
    The domestic production of maleic anhydride by n-butane process with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons or more has reached 100% of the market share of Shaangu axial-flow compressor units.
    It has the market competitiveness and strong strength to develop EPC general contracting projects for maleic anhydride units
    Provide low-carbon green practice solutions for the industry

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