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    Shaanxi new batch of listed drug purchase record, Zhengda Tianqing becomes the only domestic listed enterprise

    • Last Update: 2019-11-18
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    On November 15, Shaanxi provincial centralized purchasing network of pharmaceutical devices published the supplementary announcement on the audit results of newly approved online purchasing of drugs, which prompted that according to the requirements of the notice on issues related to newly approved online purchasing of drugs, some audit results of "products to be further verified" in the announcement of newly approved online purchasing of drugs on November 6, 2019 should be publicized For products that meet the requirements of new approval for listing, those whose declared prices meet the requirements shall be included in the price limit online catalog, and those whose prices are not declared or do not meet the requirements shall be included in the direct online catalog Publicity period: from November 15, 2019 to 17:00, November 19, 2019, during the publicity period, the company accepts the written application and complaint of the real name of the site of the enterprise, which will not be accepted if overdue Acceptance place of application and complaint: No.5 and No.6 windows of the acceptance hall on the first floor of Shaanxi public resources trading center (No.14, Chang'an North Road, Beilin District, Xi'an city) contact number: 029-88661243 029-88661244 the most prominent feature of which is that "fosapitam for injection" produced by Zhengda Tianqing has become the only domestic drug among 26 drugs The drug was jointly developed by Chia Tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd and Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute In September 2015, it was declared according to the old registration classification of 3.1 After 722 clinical field verification, it was included in the priority review in September 2017, and experienced three rounds of supplementary information The original drug was developed by Merck It is a phosphate prodrug of arepidem, which can rapidly hydrolyze in vivo and metabolize into arepidem It mainly functions by blocking the novel mechanism of brain nausea and vomiting signals, and is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy Approved by FDA in January 2008, it has been listed in Britain, Japan and many European countries It is understood that the market scale of fosapitam dimethylmeglumine in the global market is relatively stable, and the global sales volume in 2018 is US $360 million At present, fosapitam has been applied for new drugs and imitations by many enterprises in China Among them, there are three enterprises in the first tier of listing application, namely, Zhengda Tianqing, Jiangsu Haosen and Qilu pharmaceutical Among them, Zhengda Tianqing was the first to apply for listing, in September 2015 according to the old registration classification 3.1, and in September 2017, it was included in the priority review on the basis of the drug production application one year before the expiration of the patent It has to be said that Zhengda Tianqing can occupy a place in the global pharmaceutical enterprises with the strong as clouds, which is indeed valuable It does not meet the expectations of many investors today However, in the case of China's home advantage, only one domestic pharmaceutical enterprise is listed It seems that the details are not something to be proud of At this moment, the author hopes that Zhengda Tianqing can It is enough to give Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises a shot in the arm to prove that Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises still have strength and can compete with global excellent pharmaceutical enterprises! It is also hoped that the tragic data will give Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises a wake-up call and strive to be on the list more often The enterprises like Zhengda Tianqing will be able to stand out like a springing up sun Editor in charge: penicillin statement: this opinion only represents the author, not the position of, welcome to exchange and supplement in the message area; if you need to reprint, please be sure to indicate the author and source of the article.
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