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    Shaanxi Provincial Drug Administration and Medical Insurance Bureau to jointly inspect pharmacies

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Medicine Network June 12, from now on, drugstoreself, hasten to exclude these 7 actsFrom next month, the FDA will conduct a centralized inspection with the Health Insurance Administration.
    On June 10, the Drug Administration and the Medical Insurance Bureau jointly issued the Notice on the Special Inspection of Selected Drugs in the Centralized Procurement and Use of Drugs organized by the State Organization (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").
    (Picture source: intercepted to Shaanxi Provincial Drug Administration) In accordance with the notification requirements, Shaanxi Provincial Drug Administration and sub-offices, provincial medical insurance bureaus and municipal (district) medical insurance bureaus combined with the actual supervision of their jurisdiction, in accordance with the requirements of this notice to develop a special inspection work programme, to ensure the coverage and targeted special inspection work.
    From the date of the spontaneous text to the end of June 2020, the drug distribution enterprises, relevant medical institutions and pharmaceutical retail enterprises involved in the selection of drugs to conduct self-examination, the impact of drug quality and violation of the relevant policies of medical insurance to carry out risk assessment, reason analysis, the formulation of rectification measures, the formation of self-examination and rectification reports, respectively reported to the provincial drug regulatory bureau and related sub-offices, provincial medical insurance bureaus and municipal (district) medical insurance bureaus.
    Starting in July, for a period of three months, the provincial drug regulatory bureau and the sub-offices, the provincial medical insurance bureau and the municipal (district) medical insurance bureau organized a centralized inspection of the selected drugs in the jurisdictionThe two departments shall, in accordance with their duties, supervise and supervise the continuous compliance of the selected drug distribution enterprises, medical institutions and retail enterprises, and ensure the quality and safety of the selected drugs in the circulation and use of the relevant requirements.
    From now on, the pharmacy focus on the inspection of these 7 points at the same time, the notice also clearly, the focus on the inspection of varieties for the national drug centralized procurement of the selected varieties in the province of 32 varieties, as well as the subsequent integration into the national organization of drugs centralized procurement and use of the selected drugs.
    For retail businesses involved in selected medicines, the focus is on corporate compliance checks and drug quality managementAccording to the notice, the main inspection of the enterprise's 7 behaviorSpecific ally as follows: 1, whether there is a rental loan license, hanging on the ticket operation phenomenon; 2, whether there is a practicing pharmacist is not on duty, prescription drug sales are not standardized, do not sell prescription drugs or do not retain prescriptions; 3, whether there is a situation of purchase from illegal channels or illegal recovery of drugs; 4, whether there are private warehouses outside the business premises; 5, whether there are drug cool cabinets, freezers, not open cold storage or storage of drugs in the cabinet, 6 The phenomenon of the mixing of prescription and non-prescription drugs; 7, the selection of drugs in retail pharmacies procurement and sales in accordance with the national health insurance regulations.
    Since July, pharmacies participating in the collection will be inspected in addition, in addition to the State Drug Administration "on the implementation of the state-organized drug centralized procurement and use of the special inspection work of selected drugs" (DRUG Administration (2020) No18), this year to the centralized procurement and use of drugs in the selection of drugs to carry out special inspection.
    Among them, the drug business and use of the link, focus on the selection of drug distribution units and related medical institutions and retail enterprises quality managementUp to now, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Hubei and other provinces issued a letter, began a special inspection action.
    From the time point of view, by June 30, 2020, all enterprises involved in the selection of drugs will be required to submit their self-examination reports (stamped with official seals) to the relevant regulatory authorities Starting in July, the regulator will conduct a full-scale, centralized inspection for three months.
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