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    Shandong A-flu vaccine incident leads to controversy Medical experts rebuke the media for attacking China's epidemic prevention cause

    • Last Update: 2020-05-12
    • Source: Internet
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    On July 28th, a report that "boys can't talk and walk after

    of the vaccine

    the vaccine, and the government compensates 100,000 people for not being allowed to visit" in the major media reports

    In the report, the media said that Shandong Linyi boy Li Zhikang was paralysed after

    of the

    vaccine, the parents reported fruitless, and questioned the safety of the flu vaccine there is a problem

    The news has caused huge controversy online, prompting many medical big V to express support for the safety of the flu vaccine, and concerns that unprofessional media coverage could adversely affect the spread of the vaccine

    It is reported that since March 16, 2010, Shandong boy Li Zhikang in Linyi County, three hope primary school organization of the a-flu vaccination, feel dizzy fever, after taking anti-fever medicine after a smooth withdrawal

    In the early morning of the 20th, the boy's condition deteriorated, Linyi City People's Hospital under two critical notice, after 23 days of treatment, he was transferred to Beijing Children's Hospital to continue treatment, a month later life saving, but has left the after-effects of viral encephalitis

    Li Zhikang fell ill after vaccination, Li father believes the cause is the safety of the vaccine, Li Zhikang's father Li Baoxiang believes that the safety of the vaccine is a problem, mainly in the development time is insufficient, only 3 months

    At that time, due to the rapid spread of swine flu, the State Food and Drug Administration opened up a rapid vaccine audit channel, domestic vaccine manufacturers in only three months to develop and produce the market-listed flu vaccine, the world's first completed vaccine research and development and registration of use of the country

    He took his son to seek medical treatment, while reflecting the problem, and many times to Beijing to visit

    In response, Linyi City Vaccination Abnormal Response Investigation Team investigated the incident and issued a survey report, saying that the link between Li Zhikang's illness and the vaccine was ruled out

    The identification concluded that the exclusion of vaccine quality, storage transport and errors in the operation of the vaccination process led to the onset of the case, is a "conjugate" (the vaccinator itself has some underlying disease or has an infectious disease that is in the incubation stage of the onset)

    But Li Baoxiang insists it is the vaccine's safety problem

    In addition, in the eyes of the vast majority of vaccine experts, three months to develop the influenza vaccine is not surprising: the production process of influenza vaccine reference seasonal influenza vaccine, and the previous influenza vaccine in China has more than 50 years of research history, technology has matured

    The vaccine's safety trial also covered people aged 3 to 55 and older, with nearly 10,000 participants

    Such a large sample size is a safe guarantee

    The safety of vaccines has also been demonstrated in public information provided by the former Minister of Health

    "The reported incidence of adverse reactions to vaccination in China was not higher than that of other countries." Of these, as of August 1, 2010, 8581 cases of suspected vaccination anomalies had been reported nationwide

    Of all reported cases, the general response was 70.64 per cent, the abnormal response was 13.56 per cent, the conjugate was 9.54 per cent, the cardio-cause response was 4.91 per cent and the proportion was determined to be 1.34 per cent

    The 11 reported deaths were not directly related to influenza vaccination

    Due to individual physical differences, the safe vaccine also has sporadic accidents

    As compensation for the unexpected consequences of vaccination, many provinces and cities in China have formulated compensation for abnormal response severance in vaccination, and arranged financial compensation funds

    After several visits to Beijing, Linyi County Health Bureau and Li Bao to sign a paper agreement, "consider ingress difficulties, a one-time subsidy of 100,000 yuan", the agreement's additional note is "no petition, no prosecution." After the report was issued, it caused a huge reaction on the Internet

    Several big Vs, who work


    , expressed disagreement

    Weibo big V@ burn Superman Abao believes that the safety of the vaccine is beyond doubt, Li Zhikang's tragedy is only a normal incident, that is, Li Zhikang before vaccination in the incubation period of viral encephalitis, and then the disease, which happened to be inoculated with the flu vaccine, resulting in the illusion of "vaccine disease."

    Water tank hospital doctor , burn superman Abao think that the media reports are not professional to the University of Tokyo, Japan, doctor of surgery , do not blame fortunately, China should learn from the United States, vaccination to charge a certain fee, as compensation for adverse reactions to vaccines

    With 1.26 million followers, Zhejiang Aid Dr

    Bai yi Bobcat said that the media's unprofessional hype will have a negative impact on vaccination, "the last media hype of the hepatitis B vaccine wave, directly led to the birth of babies born in those months of the vaccination rate fell by 30%." Infants receive the first dose of hepatitis B vaccine for more than 24 hours, the effect will be reduced

    These children who did not get hepatitis B vaccine in time if they later developed hepatitis B, who should be looking for complaints? Why is there always a media attack on the cause of epidemic prevention in our country? Is it media ignorance? "
    aid doctors , White Bobcats , worry that unprofessional reporting will affect many of the normal vaccinations

    industry experts worry that the lack of professional medical spirit in media coverage of vaccine timing events is likely to affect vaccinations

    In the previous medical reports, there have been eight hair door, roasted baby anus, slit anus and many other false medical reports

    False medical report review - 1, slit anus July 23, 2010 in Shenzhen, a pregnant woman in Phoenix Hospital after giving birth to a baby boy, was found by her husband in the anus was stitched

    The midwife claimed to have had the hemorrhoid surgery for free, but her husband, Mr

    Chen, suspected that the midwife was not in a state of retaliation for asking for a red envelope

    The director of Phoenix Hospital said the anus must have not been sewn, not a medical accident

    The incident has also been described by the media as a "stitch ingress" event with no results due to the fact that the midwife and the maternity group are each of the same

    After cCTV "News Investigation" deep investigation found: This is a fake news, maternal anus was not sewn, but the emergency hemorrhoid treatment of postpartum hemorrhoids

    Fake exaggeration of this fake news sewing incident Chai will be interviewed by CCTV reporters afterwards, but also admitted that in order to win the public's attention, earn click-through rate, and then did not fully investigate the case of the parties, with the patient's unilateral statement and their own speculation, wrote this wide-ranging sewing incident

    2, eight Maomen in September 2011, a born only 6 days of baby can not normal defecation, Shenzhen Children's Hospital recommended to do fistula surgery, the full cost of 100,000 yuan, while the doctor's father Mr

    Chen refused the operation, to another hospital only 0.8 yuan of paraffin oil, that alleviated the child's symptoms

    After the report in Shenzhen News Network, caused great public concern about this matter, after the final diagnosis of the child is indeed a congenital giant colon, in a hospital in Wuhan after surgery to be resolved, Mr

    Chen and related media have made an apology afterwards

    3, registered door December 15, 2012, in the salt city of Jiangsu Province, a car accident occurred in the county, just 89 days after the birth of a baby boy Ba Chengxuan was injured and sent to the People's Hospital of Jieyang County was rescued invalid death

    During the 30-minute rescue, Ba Chengxuan's grandmother said she knelt four times, the hospital was "dead and not saved", leading to the death of her grandson

    The matter was quickly reported in the media, leading to the community to the hospital and the hospital doctor's verbal abuse

    However, the County Health Bureau reviewed the surveillance video, collected medical examination, doctors and patients parties, public security personnel and the people at the scene and other relevant personnel and other information, the results show that the people's hospital in Jieyang County for the first time for the treatment of children, timely disposal, no delay in treatment, no negligence, there is no irregularities


    , such as Weibo,

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