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    Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau held 40 varieties of belt procurement consultation meeting rules out!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Pharmaceutical network June 12, and the previous expectations are consistent, Shandong Province 40 drug volume procurement in the end of the two sessions of the national meeting as scheduled, recently Shandong Medical Insurance Bureau has been for some production enterprises and circulation enterprises held a consultation meeting, the specific bidding procurement rules are also out, including specific quality stratification, price reduction requirements, winning regional selectionIn the provincial collection era is coming in full, Shandong Province's approach is undoubtedly worthy of attention and reference.
    Recently, E drug managers were informed that the Shandong Provincial Health Insurance Bureau has previously mentioned 40 large varieties of proposed volume procurement held a consultation meeting, participating enterprises including some production enterprises and Ruikang, state control, China Resources and other mainstream circulation companies, in addition to the trade association sits also participated in the consultation meeting, the main discussion is 40 proposed to take the purchase of varieties of winning rules, regional selection, bidding, execution time and so on.
    During the two sessions, Shandong Province Medical Insurance Bureau Deputy Director Qiu Bingyu in an interview with the Qilu Evening News reporter revealed that Shandong is actively preparing for high prices, large quantities, wide range of 40 kinds of drugs and 5 types of high-value medical supplies to implement the province's centralized volume procurement, and said "will start as soon as possible", now soliciting advice foreshadows that the volume of procurement has been arrow in the stringAccording to information from the meeting, 40 varieties of harvesting in Shandong Province will start in July this year, and the specific tender results will be implemented in September.
    In addition, according to people familiar with the matter, among the 40 belt-purchased varieties, nitrobenzene flat-controlled release tablets (Bayer, Shanghai Hyundai) and Taxmos (Astellas, East China) have separate bargaining rights.
    01 Big Action Shandong Province held this provincial band procurement varieties consultation meeting is ready to come.
    As early as April 24, the official website of Shandong Provincial Health Insurance Bureau issued a "notice on the organization to fill in part of the procurement of drug plans", and attached a specific list of reported drugs and through the Shandong Province drug centralized procurement platform declaration path.
    The notice indicated that, in accordance with the principle of high clinical dosage, high procurement amount and full competition, clinical and pharmaceutical experts selected 40 concentrated quantity procurement of drug varietiesThe scope of the filing includes public medical institutions (including general hospitals, Chinese medicine hospitals, specialized hospitals, maternal and child health care hospitals, nursing homes, community health services, township hospitals, etc.)At the same time, the medical insurance agreement is encouraged to manage the voluntary participation of private pharmaceutical institutionsThe notice indicates that medical institutions should fill in the quantity of purchasing demand (units: tablets/grains/branches) of relevant drugs for one year (12 months after formal implementation) in accordance with the actual use in 2019, and medical institutions should complete the online filing within three days in strict accordance with the operating instructions.
    Earlier, according to Qilu Evening News, during the two sessions, the National People's Congress, Shandong Province, Deputy Director of the Medical Security Bureau Qiu Bingyu said, "At present, we are actively preparing, will start with the volume of procurement as soon as possible, so that people use high-quality and low-cost drugs." And the convening of the consultation meeting is also to show that, after the early provincial medical institutions reported the link, Shandong Province Medical Insurance Bureau has basically mastered the 40 drug procurement volume, is preparing for the opening of tendersE drug managers noted that the 40 varieties included in Shandong Province involving a total of more than 120 specificationsShandong Province this provincial belt procurement can be described as "aggressive."
    02 Provincial collection of "Shandong rules" at present, in addition to the vast national drug collection, the provincial belt procurement has also been carried out Up to now, at least there have been in Hunan, Hebei, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan and Shandong eight provinces to carry out provincial volume procurement, but in fact, whether it is national collection, or local procurement, the specific collection of winning bid rules will have some nuances, Shandong Province this tender, at least the following aspects need attention: First, quality level how to divide?
    In general, the provinces will self-demarcate the quality level when bidding Shandong Province this time will be the bid products overall divided into two quality levels.
    The first level is the original research drug, expired patented drug, over-consistency evaluation drug, included in the generic reference preparation catalog set, China's drug list editing set, exported to the United Kingdom, France, T, Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan's drugs Drugs in other cases are classified into the second tier.
    It is worth noting that in the second level there is the second prize for scientific and technological progress, product increase indications each plus 0.5 points.
    Specific to the number of winning enterprises, Shandong Province stipulates the same generic name drugs, each quality level can only win the bid of two.
    Second, the level of bidding more than three: comprehensive scoring and other provinces similar to the number of bid enterprises, the corresponding price reduction rules are also different, and Shandong Province considered the main indicators: first, the price reduction indicators; But it's worth noting that this doesn't mean there's a relaxation of price cuts Shandong Province in some cases introduced the reference to the same level of other products decline or the average decline of all products, for the exclusive variety, is also a price reduction challenge.
    Specific ally as follows: A: A level 3 and above companies bid, according to the comprehensive score, of which the price accounted for 60%, sales 20%, coverage 20% scoring Including grass-roots community hospitals The highest is divided into the first order of the winning variety, the second high eras must accept this price If the price is not reduced, it shall be considered as a waiver, i.e it shall be de-marked.
    B: The first calculation of occupancy and coverage of two bids at one level, with the highest level of first-in-class negotiation Accept two conditions can be successful, one is determined by the average decline of three and above bids of other varieties of the same level, and the other is not higher than the price of another product platform now hanging online, not to reach the decline as a waiver.
    C: One of two conditions for a bid must be accepted, either to accept the average decrease of more than 3 products at the same level, or to accept the average decrease of all products.
    Third, the winning bid market how to divide the first point has been mentioned, Shandong Province provides for the same generic name drugs, each quality level can only win the bid of two at most.
    If there are two products winning the bid in one level, the two products jointly divide the province's medical institutions 70% of the total reported volume If there is only one winning bid, the total amount of medical institutions in the province is 60%.
    If there is no winning product within one level, 50% of the reported amount of that level is given to another level with the same generic name.
    In the regional selection, the first winning enterprise first selected a city, and then alternately selected, which and the volume of procurement of national expansion and the second round of belt procurement to choose the region similar, but from the national provinces to the provinces to the province-level cities.
    Fourth, the separate bargaining according to the information in the meeting, nitrobenzene flat control release film (Bayer, Shanghai Hyundai), hekmos (Astellas, East China) separate bargaining, but it is not known the specific reasons for the two varieties to take separate bargaining. 
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