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    Shandong: Precise application of policies to break the cocoon into a butterfly

    • Last Update: 2022-10-12
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    Qilu Du Xing accurately implements the new chapter of the policy, breaks the cocoon into a butterfly and dares to do good deeds into a successful report

    In the past ten years, the comprehensive strength has remained ahead, and the shortcomings of large but not strong have been eliminated

    In the past ten years, the momentum of innovation has burst forth, and the leading role of industry demonstration has been further enhanced

    In the past ten years, digital empowerment has developed rapidly, and the implementation of intelligent transformation has

    "Integration" creates competitiveness

    Shandong Province adheres to the "four pressures and four ups" and implements the "four reductions and four increases", vigorously and orderly promotes the reduction and integration and transfer of production capacity in high-energy-consuming industries, and promotes the great adjustment of industrial structure, layout optimization, and quality and efficiency

    The Yulong petrochemical integration project under construction is a typical example

    Nowadays, Shandong refining industry capacity integration and transfer has made a substantial breakthrough

    "Conversion" boosts impact

    Shandong Province strengthens the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, aggregates along the chain, accelerates the replenishment of chains, strong chains, and expansion of chains, promotes the development of the industrial chain to the high end, promotes a number of leading and landmark projects, and continuously enhances

    The province implements strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions, carries out technical exchanges with Zhejiang University and other universities, organizes and holds a series of activities such as "double strokes and double introduction" docking in the chemical industry, Sino-Japanese fine chemical exchanges, dispatches and collects more than 130 key technical needs of enterprises, releases 782 results, and achieves more than 70 cooperation intentions; Together with the Shandong Industrial Technology Research Institute, we will carry out "card neck" and key common technology research, and promote the transformation

    At the same time, a number of new energy and new material projects such as the comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy of Jinneng Technology, the deep processing of silicone products in Dongyue, and the Tianchen Qixiang Nylon have been implemented

    "Identification" inspires cohesion

    Shandong Province closely follows the pulse of the development of the chemical industry, highlights the role of chemical parks as the main battlefield and main front of industrial development, takes the lead in launching the identification of chemical parks nationwide, comprehensively implements optimization and upgrading projects, strengthens the standardized construction of parks, highlights the results of cluster development, and enhances

    The province has successively issued the management measures for the identification of chemical parks and professional chemical parks, and announced 75 chemical parks, 10 professional chemical parks and 125 key monitoring points in the name of the provincial government, and the number of chemical parks has been reduced by 58%; Accelerate the construction of practical training bases, 10 bases are put into use, and radiation services are provided to 32 parks around them

    Nowadays, the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in the chemical industry in Shandong Province has achieved "walking in front and opening up a new situation"

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