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    Shandong Province has built a world-class high-end chemical industry base

    • Last Update: 2023-02-01
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    Global Coatings Network News: Recently, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government issued the "Shandong Province Construction of a Green, Low-carbon and High-quality Development Pilot Zone Three-Year Action Plan (2023-2025)", clearly proposing to build a world-class high-end chemical industry base

    The Action Plan proposes that by 2025, the output value of six advantageous industries such as metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, building materials, textiles and garments, and machinery and equipment will exceed 10 trillion yuan, and a world-class strategic base for basic industries will be built
    A new round of technological transformation of enterprises has been carried out, and the profit margin of operating income of industrial enterprises above designated size has reached about

    The Action Plan proposes to build a world-class high-end chemical industry base
    Solidly promote the integration of Yulong Island refining and chemical and the implementation of Wanhua Chemical ethylene and Dongming Petrochemical UPC projects, and strive for more major petrochemical projects to be included in the national planning layout
    Strictly implement the capacity replacement target, and steadily promote the subsequent
    integration of refining capacity.
    Optimize and upgrade modern coal chemical industries such as Zaozhuang, Jining and Heze, cultivate and strengthen high-end salt chemical industries such as Weifang, Dongying and Binzhou, and vigorously develop the new chemical material industry
    Promote the improvement and agglomeration development of chemical parks, the enrollment rate of chemical enterprises has reached more than 45%, and the output value of chemical parks (including key chemical monitoring points included in park management) accounts for about
    80% of the entire industry.

    According to the Action Plan, Shandong will accelerate the optimization and integration of existing coking capacity around the linkage of steel and coke and the integration of coal-based chemical industry, and the coking-to-steel ratio will be stable at about

    In terms of promoting the healthy development of the "two highs" industry standardization, Shandong Province insists on strictly controlling the "two highs", optimizing others, implementing the "four distinctions", and continuously optimizing the "two highs" control policy
    The implementation window of the new "two highs" project guidance, upgrade approval, implement the "five equal or reduced substitution", the energy efficiency level of the main products in line with the national advanced standards for energy consumption quotas and strive to reach the international advanced level
    The stock of "two highs" projects will be classified and disposed of, transformed and upgraded, and inefficient and backward production capacity
    will be withdrawn in a steady and orderly manner.
    Promote the upgrading of energy efficiency in the "two highs" industry, and the proportion of production capacity that reaches the benchmark level will reach 30%
    by 2025.

    In terms of cultivating and expanding emerging industries, Shandong focuses on the fields of new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, new energy, new materials, high-end equipment, green environmental protection, etc.
    , to create a number of new growth engines of 100 billion and trillion yuan, and cultivate and expand 7 national and more than 50 provincial-level strategic emerging industry clusters
    Accelerate the R&D and application of new marine materials and extend the marine chemical industry chain
    Implement the "hydrogen into 10,000 homes" science and technology demonstration project, create an innovative application ecology for the development of the whole chain of production, storage, transportation and use, and create a national hydrogen energy high-tech industrialization base

    The Action Plan proposes to increase the exploration, development and increase of reserves and production of oil and gas resources, build a national demonstration zone for shale oil development, and promote the landing
    of oil and gas resources in Shandong in the Bohai Sea.
    Focusing on Qingdao Port and Yantai Port, build a number of million-ton coastal LNG receiving stations and build 10-million-ton coastal LNG receiving and unloading bases
    Promote the construction of backbone pipeline networks such as the Shandong section of the China-Russia eastern route and the Shandong natural gas ring network, and build a "one network and two rings" gas supply pattern
    Oilfields will be used to enrich wind and solar resources and depleted oil and gas reservoirs to promote the integrated development of
    oil and gas fields and renewable energy.
    By 2025, crude oil and natural gas production will be stable at 21 million tons and 400 million cubic meters, and the annual receiving and unloading capacity of coastal LNG will reach 25 million tons

    Shandong will build a full-chain carbon capture and utilization industry demonstration base
    Explore the implementation of low-concentration carbon dioxide capture and utilization projects, promote the pilot project of million-ton carbon capture utilization and storage in Shengli Oilfield, and explore the construction of large-scale demonstration projects
    in qualified steel, cement, chemical and other industries.
    Encourage market-oriented participation in the use of diversified and low-cost carbon storage in abandoned oil fields and mines, and expand the application scenarios
    of carbon dioxide in oil and gas exploitation, greenhouse planting, cold chain transportation, high-end chemical conversion and other fields.
    Pay close attention to cutting-edge technologies such as carbon dioxide hydrogenation to olefins and aromatics, and actively promote the demonstration project
    of carbon dioxide hydrogenation to gasoline.

    According to the Action Plan, Shandong will build a world-class industrial cluster
    with core competitiveness and leading force.
    By 2025, the added value of the "four new" economies will account for 40% of GDP, the added value of manufacturing will be stable at about 30% of GDP, and the output value of high-tech industries will account for about
    50% of the total output value of industries above designated size.

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