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    Shanghai aluminum is running strongly, and the overall trading performance of the market is acceptable

    • Last Update: 2022-12-26
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    Today's Shanghai aluminum main month 2212 contract, opening 17535 yuan / ton, the highest intraday 17980 yuan / ton, the lowest 17425 yuan / ton, settlement 17805 yuan / ton, the end of the close to 17905 yuan / ton, up 100 yuan, or 0.

    Shanghai aluminum

    Today's London aluminum shock rebounded, LME three-month Beijing time at 15:01 at 2240 US dollars / ton, up 14 US dollars, or 0.
    from the previous trading day's settlement price.

    In terms of the market, today's spot trading price of the Yangtze River is 18020-18060 yuan / ton, up 180 yuan, and the discount is 30-10 liters; Guangdong spot 18240-18300 yuan / ton, up 250 yuan, premium 150-liter 290; Hua reported 18070-18110 yuan / ton, up 180 yuan
    Today, the holders have a mentality of holding goods and selling goods, the circulation supply is relatively tight, and the receivers are chasing the upward mood, the trading is active, and the overall transaction performance is

    Today's Shanghai aluminum opened low and high, the intraday strong operation, the dollar fell back to give aluminum prices a chance to rebound, and the market expects the Federal Reserve to slow down and raise interest rates in December, superimposed on the bottom continues to be supported by low inventory, supply reduction and high costs, making Shanghai aluminum return to around

    Industry news, foreign power news on October 31, Vedanta (Vedanta) said that it plans to expand the capacity of Lanjigarh alumina smelter from 2 million tons / year to 5 million tons / year
    Vedanta said local and international partners had been invited to carry out the plant expansion

    The interest rate hike of many countries has weakened the market's expectation of better demand, making investors more bearish on the market, and domestic manufacturing activities have fallen below the boom and bust line, but based on the current aluminum price, we believe that there is little room for further decline, mainly due to low inventory and cost support, and aluminum fundamentals are healthy, Yunnan production cuts are still continuing, the European energy crisis has not been resolved, and the geopolitical risks are unresolved, are important factors affecting aluminum prices, so it is difficult to measure the degree and rhythm of this wave of bearish sentiment fermentation.
    Aluminum is expected to rise

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