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    Home > Food News > Food Articles > Shanghai Ocean University uses natural extraction technology to promote new progress in food packaging.

    Shanghai Ocean University uses natural extraction technology to promote new progress in food packaging.

    • Last Update: 2020-10-17
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently learned that shanghai Ocean University researchers from the point of view of functional food packaging, focusing on antibacterial, antioxidant and high barrier / respiratory regulation and other aspects, through the use of antibacterial, antioxidant vegetable essential oils and other natural extraction of new technologies, in food preservation packaging and green packaging has made a series of research progress.
    fresh food from animal sources such as aquatic products and meat and poultry has rich nutritional value, but because of its high moisture and protein content, it is highly susceptible to microbial action leading to corruption and debaurization. By using natural extractions such as antibacterial and antioxidant vegetable essential oils, the researchers achieved the controlled release of active substances by microcystic or multi-layer structure, effectively prolonging the shelf life of salmon and fresh products such as cattle and lamb. On this basis, the researchers modified and resuscued the plasma surface of the biodegradable packaging material, and branched the peptide antibacterial agent to achieve the long-lasting antibacterial film.
    fruits and vegetables because they are picked after still maintain a strong metabolic activity, so it is very easy to occur water loss, mold and other decay and metastases. Based on the study of the breathing intensity and quality change law of fruits and vegetables, the researchers realized the O2/CO2 atmosphere control of the microenviron environment in the biodegradable packaging through natural antibacterial agents and microcystic materials and polymer micro-region structure regulation, and achieved the effect of inhibiting the breathing of fruits and vegetables and suppressing bacteria and antioxidants.
    , the research has been funded by the national key research and development program, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and related enterprises.
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