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    Shanghai Petrochemical converted high melting index PE to supply raw materials for nucleic acid sampling tubes

    • Last Update: 2022-05-12
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      Sinochem News Recently, the polyethylene unit of Shanghai Petrochemical Synthetic Resin Department has made every effort to produce nearly 2,000 tons of LF5600, a high-melting index polyethylene (PE) product that can be used in nucleic acid sampling tubes, to ensure the supply of the downstream market

      It is reported that the special material for ultra-high melting index polyethylene is the raw material used for nucleic acid sampling tubes, which was completely imported before
    Due to the multiple outbreaks of domestic epidemics, the demand for nucleic acid testing has continued to increase, and imported raw materials are in short supply

    After testing by downstream manufacturers, Shanghai Petrochemical's high melting index polyethylene product LF5600 can replace imported ultra-high melting index polyethylene products, and the nucleic acid sampling tubes produced meet various quality requirements and ease the need for nucleic acid detection


      In the face of the harsh production conditions of high melting index polyethylene special materials, the company's synthetic resin department polyethylene unit insists on implementing refined operations, further optimizes process parameters and production monitoring plans, and focuses on checking the shortcomings of the granulation process to ensure production.

    After a series of measures, the device broke through the original curse of continuous production of high-melt-index polyethylene products for no more than 8 days at a time, ensuring maximum product output


      While making every effort to ensure the production of polyethylene products for nucleic acid sampling tubes, the plant also trial-produced a new polyethylene product with a higher melt index, MG6000, to meet the higher requirements for raw material performance in the fields of nucleic acid sampling tubes and medical brushes
    At present, the company insists on giving priority to the production of polyethylene products for nucleic acid sampling tubes to ensure stable supply


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