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    Shanghai plastic shopping bag product quality supervision and random inspection results announced

    • Last Update: 2022-08-21
    • Source: Internet
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    A few days ago, the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation announced the results of the 2019 Shanghai plastic shopping bag product quality supervision and inspection results


    According to the requirements of GB/T 21661-2008 "Plastic Shopping Bags", GB/T 21660-2008 "General Technical Requirements for Environmental Protection, Safety and Labeling of Plastic Shopping Bags", the following items were inspected in this supervision and spot check: thickness, Odor, printing quality, lifting test, drop test, water leakage, sealing strength, dart impact, environmental protection declaration, safety declaration items


    This spot check found that 1 batch of products involved in safety performance indicators did not meet the standard requirements, and the substandard items involved were: thickness; 7 batches of products did not meet the performance indicators, and the substandard items involved were: dart impact , Printing quality


    The thickness of the plastic shopping bag is not qualified, it is easy to break during use, there is a potential safety hazard, it will also reduce the number of cycles and pollute the environment; the impact of falling darts is not qualified, which means that the thickness of each part of the film bag is uneven and the strength is uneven.
    , it is easy to break when the interior reaches the nominal weight, causing the contents to fall out or damage the consumer; the unqualified printing quality will cause the printed content to fall off during the consumer's use, polluting the consumer's contact parts


    The unqualified products found in this random inspection will be handed over to the market supervision department where the enterprise is located for handling in accordance with the law


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