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    Shanghai rubber continues to treat the idea of narrow consolidation and shock

    • Last Update: 2022-12-12
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    On Thursday, the main 1901 contract of Shanghai rubber continued to consolidate in a narrow range
    The price closed at 12060 yuan / ton, up 0.
    54%, reducing positions by 3768 lots, and trading 291570 lots

    Shanghai rubber

    News: 1.
    Michelin doubles India's tire production capacity
    According to the First Commercial Vehicle Network, in August this year, China's heavy-duty truck market sold a total of 72,000 units, down 4% month-on-month, and down 23%
    from 93,700 units in August last year.

    Spot: the quotation of 17-year state-owned whole milk (Baodao) in the Shanghai market is 10450 (+50) yuan / ton; Vietnam 3L quotation 10650 (+50) yuan / ton; Thailand No.
    3 tobacco tablets 12300 (-50) yuan/ton; Yunnan 17 years full latex 10450 (+50).

    Thai Hat Yai raw material market raw film 41.
    77 (-0.
    51) baht/kg; Tai San tobacco tablets 43.
    08 (-0.
    25) baht/kg; Field glue 41.
    5 (0) baht/kg; Cup glue 36 (0) baht/kg
    Synthetic rubber: Qilu petrochemical styrene-butadiene rubber 1502 market price in East China 13000 (0) yuan / ton; The market price of cis-butadiene rubber is 14800 (-100) yuan / ton

    On the 5th, the enthusiasm of traders in Qingdao Free Trade Zone was acceptable, but the enthusiasm of intraday shipments still did not improve significantly, the enthusiasm of inquiry was acceptable, and the transaction price was generally stable
    The transaction price is as follows: Thai standard near port 1340 US dollars / ton, up 10 US dollars / ton; $1,335/ton in the zone; Spot 1340 US dollars / ton; Held steady, $1350/mt
    in October.
    1320-1330 on the Thai mixed port, stable; 1335 US dollars / ton in September, stable; October 1340/ton; December 1360-1370 US dollars / ton, stable
    RMB and Thai mixed spot stocks were stored at 10250-10300 yuan / ton in November 17, which remained stable; At the beginning of 18 years, the spot was stored at 10300-10350 yuan / ton, which was stable; Spot stocks were 10,400 yuan / ton from May to June, which remained stable; Spot new goods 10400 (factory) 10450-10500 (traders) yuan / ton, stable; 10600-10650 yuan / ton in October, stable; 10,700 yuan / ton in November, stable

    Inventories: futures inventories were 508,340 tons, an increase of 1,180 tons

    Summary: At present, the upstream production conditions are normal, Thailand's export volume continues to increase, while the intermediate circulation link is still facing high inventory, Qingdao bonded zone inventory has rebounded, plus the previous period, outside the area, Yunnan production area inventory, the overall is at a high level

    From a downstream point of view, the previous flooding in the Shandong tire production area led to a significant decline in the operating rate of tire factories in the near future, which had a significant impact
    on demand.
    The rise in synthetic rubber prices brought about by the firm price of butadiene has supported the Shanghai rubber futures price, and the Shanghai rubber 1901 contract recommends paying attention to the support around 11500, and the shock idea is treated

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