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    [Shaping ingenuity and striving for perfection] Dabao Paint's 25th Art Coating Training was a complete success

    • Last Update: 2021-04-27
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    With the diversity of colors, patterns and effects, artistic paint can not only increase decoration design inspiration, but also bring a comfortable and elegant space.
    It has the advantage of being suitable for various decoration styles and places, and is becoming more and more popular among young consumers.

    In order to meet the needs of market consumers, Dabao Paint has launched various styles of art paint products to the market since 2016, and it has been more than five years since.
    Dabao Paint continues to innovate, update and replace artistic coating effects, and has always been at the forefront of the industry in
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    In order to improve the artistic painting skills of Dabao Paint store staff, Dabao Paint's 25th Art Paint Training was successfully started in mid-March.
    There are 15 students in this session.
    They come from all corners of the world, some are Dabao paint dealers, some are experienced woodworkers, and some are dealers who have just switched to Dabao.

    The artistic coating training adopts the combination of theory and practice, adhering to the tenet of "learning and meeting", so that the trainees can learn the art coating construction skills and master the art coating product sales skills.
    The training is carried out using coaching techniques, that is, the first step: tell the students, the second step: show them to the students, the third step: show them to the teacher, and the fourth step: give guidance and corrections.
    After studying, students learn to make 3D silver foil, silk illusion, three-color pearlescent, Milan velvet, natural faience sand, inorganic plaster, shell velvet, elegant spar, velvet and the new effect of 2021: fair-faced concrete and other craft effects.

    Speech by Huang Wenmin, Consultant of the Third Department of Distribution Business

    Speech by Gong Yunde, Vice President of Dabao Training School

    Li Min, a teacher from Dabao Training School

    During the training, all the trainees actively cooperated with the teachers and achieved a complete success under the guidance of teachers from Dabao Training School.
    Through professional training, the trainees have a deep understanding of the process flow and product characteristics of art wall materials and engineering coatings, and have expressed full confidence in the prospects of Dabao art wall materials.
    They used a piece of exquisite model to hand in perfect answers to the training.
    After the assessment, the final 15 students successfully completed the course with excellent results.
    Among them, Liu Jun from Yongzhou, Hunan, Li Shifa from Guizhou, and Tang Chonghai from Suzhou won the Outstanding Student Award.

    In the current market, Art Coatings is just right to grasp the consumption behavior of young consumer groups and adapt to the market development trend.
    I believe that the students will be able to apply the knowledge learned in class to the promotion of art coatings, and there will be frequent good news in the first-line market.

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