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    Should bulk liquor be banned, do you really know about bulk liquor?

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Recently, the topic of whether bulk liquor should be banned has continued to fermentBulk liquor is also banned because it is a "three no products" (no label, no shelf life, no instruction manual) behind a series of hidden dangersHowever, many rural and other areas of consumers think that "bulk liquor" cheap, good taste, cost-effectiveBut do you really know about bulk liquor? isreally low?the bulk liquor market is "very uneven"It is understood that bulk liquor not only includes the prevailing price in the rural market of 50 yuan per kilogram or even a dozen yuan per catty of small workshop production of liquor, there are relatively large factories produced a few hundred yuan a pound of liquorHowever, on the whole, the market relative to the entire liquor market, there is a "small" "scatter" "disorder" phenomenon, the overall size of the market is small, there is no large-scale enterprisesthe consumption of these two types of liquor is different, the consumer groups are also differentIt is understood that low-cost liquor in the rural market is more popular, the price is generally less than 50 yuan or less, for many rural consumers than bottled liquor is much more cost-effectiveand bulk liquor also has relatively high pricesA consumer has told China Business Daily reporter, before the family often entrusted friends through special channels to buy some bulk liquor, these bulk liquor prices are not cheap, each catty to more than 100 yuanMoreover, for these bulk liquor, the old people at home are very fond of drinking, feel good taste, drink the body comfortable, liquor industry expert Su Yuanhui told China Business Daily reporters that these high-quality bulk liquor does exist, but only in small circles circulationThese bulk liquor supaine is mainly aimed at the consumer group is "the wine resources of the circle of the population" and "unique taste-telling people." Because these bulk liquor relative to the big brand liquor price is still cheaper" In fact, bulk liquor narrowly refers to low-end bulk liquor, the broad concept is no packaging or simple packaging of liquorOverall, the price of bulk liquor is indeed lower than that of large brands of liquor, however, bulk liquor can not be understood as inferior liquor Su Yuanhui told China Business Daily How do understand the good taste? for bulk liquor to be banned, many farmers expressed opposition, in addition to cheap, a big factor is that they think bulk liquor taste good, drink feel very comfortable, drunk the next day to get up will not stomach pain, headache And the above-mentioned consumers also did mention that to friends through special channels to buy bulk liquor, the family like "The old man is a loyal audience who has been drinking liquor for many years and still has a say in the liquor, " the consumer told China Business Daily , Su Yuanhui told China Business Daily reporter that the rural market bulk liquor is defined as "good taste", there are the following factors First, the rural market many bulk liquor have a lot of additives, these additives are very bad for the body, but it is indeed conducive to improve the taste of the body, more give people a "alcohol stimulation" feeling, and this is also the pursuit of this part of the consumer; and relatively high prices of bulk liquor includes a variety of flavor, not limited to the traditional fragrance, sauce, fragrance and other flavor For example, a liquor practitioner in Sichuan region once told China Business Daily that many people in the area drink bulk liquor, but the price is not as cheap as everyone thinks, a small cup costs a dozen yuan, dozens of yuan, because compared with traditional liquor taste more diverse "good quality" do you believe? for many rural consumers on the spot against the ban on bulk liquor, there is also a big reason is that many rural consumers think the quality of bulk liquor is more credible According to their introduction, "it is precisely because of the production of small workshops, will be authentic grain fermentation of liquor, and the village shop owners are directly to the workshop to contract one or several wine cans, is completely guaranteed quality." " and this has led to many people in the liquor industry to question Liquor industry expert Luo Yingto told China Business Daily reporters, on the rural low-cost bulk liquor quality, pure grain brewing is simply impossible According to his introduction, the general cost of thick-scented grain brewing wine is 10 yuan / catty, the cost of pure grain brewing in 5 yuan / catty, plus a large circulation cost, even if there is no packaging, advertising, manpower and other follow-up costs, the cost of liquor also has to be more than a dozen pounds, so 10 yuan or less of bulk liquor are edible alcohol Su Yuanhui also told china business reporters that rural consumers said that pure grain brewing, quality can be guaranteed to say that there is no basis Because rural consumers can not see small workshops from fermentation, distillation, tuning, storage, transportation and other processes, it is likely that they think of "good quality." ", "In fact, the rural market does not exclude some good quality pure grain brewed bulk liquor However, the quality of most bulk liquor cannot be guaranteed Previously, I have gone to the Peony River, Yulin and other areas of the rural market research, many of these areas of bulk liquor in the shop owner to the second-best, with different quality liquor mixed together for sale Su Yuanhui told China Business Daily more importantly, Su Yuanhui added, small workshop-brewed liquor often uses wooden barrels rather than steel barrels, and this wooden barrel is easily aldehydeous, harmful to the human body In addition, the state set up a number of standards for multi-regulation of bottled wine and there are many problems, not to mention no business license, no instructions, no shelf life of bulk liquor, in the supervision of the quality of the place is not guaranteed ", "in fact, a lot of dozens of yuan of bulk liquor is often white wine and water, there is no standard that can be regulated, from the profit-making point of view, without supervision, how can bring a lot of high-quality liquor? Luo Yingto admitted , however, the quality of bulk liquor can not be generalized, but also there is a relatively high quality of bulk liquor, especially more than 100 yuan price of bulk liquor is more credible Qinghai Province, a liquor enterprise on the China Business News reporter to provide its products Qingyu wine product inspection report, also said that its products are not three products, related information can be found in the company's branch However, the information has not yet been obtained Source: China Business Daily
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