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    Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei... Many chemical plants in many provinces closed down

    • Last Update: 2021-05-01
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    Since the beginning of this year, environmental protection supervision has been continuously strengthened.
    Many small factories have closed down, big factories have been sad, no downstream terminals have received goods, and dealershave been unable to sell the materials they stocked at discounts! Environmental supervision has not stopped since last year, especially in Shandong , Hebei, Henan, Guangdong.
    the most serious.
    The state has made great efforts to improve the environment, from reducing production of enterprises to converting coal to gas and electricity in rural areas, to the shutdown of small workshops and small enterprises.
    Immediately after many chemical bosses changed their careers, the chemical industry was oversupply throughout the first half of the year, which made the chemical companies want to cry.
    Those who can't hold on to change careers have changed careers, and the rest are spent in chemical industry for a lifetime, and I really don't want to give up.
    For the sake of family, children, ideals, no matter how difficult it is, we must persist.
    Not long ago, a friend in the chemical industry told me that his factory had collapsed.
    Seeing that my friend was in a bad mood, I chatted with him about the current situation, and also had a targeted understanding of the reasons for the bankruptcy.
    In general, there should be the following five main reasons:01 Did not get an EIAfriend and Others have been engaged in the chemical industry for some years, and there are indeed some pollution problems.
    Because of the increasingly stringent environmental protection inspections, since the end of last year, the environmental assessment has not been passed, and they are often rectified and shut down.
    They are chilling.
    02 It started to lose moneyThefirst three quarters of last year were better.
    During the most severe period, the business was closed for more than a month and then started again.
    Since the end of 2018, it’s not going to work anymore.
    It’s a profit for every three-to-five stop, but it’s much less than the previous years.
    It’s been losing money this year.
    It also lost a lot of stable customers because of the total shutdown and rectification.
    03 cargo loan pressureseveral elder brother thought last year survive on the right, coupled with last year began EIA whole thing, so the beginning of this year, a hot head several loan to buy new equipment to expand, forcing the result of ignorant! Not only are costs I started to lose money even if I didn't get it back.
    The loan pressure was heavy, and several people had families.
    There was no way.
    I was going to sell the equipment in the past two days.
      04 Labor and rent water and electricity  Labor costs have been rising in recent years.
    Coupled with the improvement of the system, it has changed from three insurances and one housing fund to five insurances and one housing fund.
    Hydroelectric power has always been available, especially for industrial electricity.
    The rent, especially the warehouse rental, has been quite tasteless since May.
    I don’t use much, and I have to rent it.
    I don’t know when I can start work after I rent it.
    Invisible, these costs are a headache for my friends.
      05 Malicious low-price competition   The market has plummeted this year, and friends’ factories have also suffered greatly.
    Small factories like theirs rely on low prices to improve their competitiveness.
    Naturally, they can’t compete with large companies in terms of technology, and they don’t have the capital.
    Fighting for technology, but now many large manufacturers are beginning to engage in low-price set, and factories like friends can only keep compressing their own profits, which is also one of the reasons for the loss.
      Since the end of last year, chemical companies have been facing the abyss and walking on thin ice.
    Under the catalysis of environmental protection supervision, the so-called "big reshuffle" of the chemical industry has been accelerated, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have been unable to support being washed away.
      More and more chemical companies are suffering from problems such as "the loss of customers and the difficulty of stocking materials".
    This has stimulated the rise of the industrial Internet, and various supply and demand platforms that promote the development of the chemical industry have sprung up.
    Faced with these dazzling platforms, how do you choose if you want to sell materials? In fact, chemical bosses who want to develop long-term will have firm goals and seldom entangled in multiple-choice questions.
    Therefore, "making material business easier" has become the first choice for many peers to support and use.
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