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    Shunde furniture enterprise Dongguan diggers favor management personnel and skilled technicians

    • Last Update: 2021-03-05
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    after the festival employment shortage, enterprises thirst for talent. Recently, Shunde a furniture enterprises to Dongguan Hou Street held a large-scale comprehensive job fair to recruit management and technical personnel, the same position wages than Dongguan local enterprises to provide about 20% higher. Mr. Liu, head of recruitment for this Shunde furniture enterprise, told reporters that the enterprise will go to Dongguan every year to recruit people, about three or four times a year, "Dongguan's thick street and Dalingshan furniture enterprises, more talent." "On-site recruitment posters read, the enterprise demand management personnel and skilled technicians, regional managers in the annual salary of more than 60,000-100,000 yuan, carpentry, color adjusters, such as the monthly salary of more than 3500-6000 yuan, american antique master's monthly salary of up to 8000 yuan or more. It is understood that these wages compared to Dongguan local enterprises to provide the same type of job wages, the average is about 20% higher. In Dongguan Hou Street held this job fair, in addition to Shunde enterprises, there are a number of furniture enterprises from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places. Huang Jing, head of the local human resources market, said that foreign furniture enterprises to Wanwan is mainly to recruit middle and senior management personnel, and this kind of talent in Dongguan is surplus, "Dongguan furniture enterprises are currently the most lack of general workers and technicians, so will not have too much impact on the employment of Dongguan furniture enterprises." ”
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