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    Shunde paint prices were forced to rise by 20%

    • Last Update: 2021-04-26
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        [China Epoxy Resin Industry Online] News from September 14, 2004.
    Last week, the downstream product of petrochemical industry—coatings rose across the board.
    Coating companies in Shunde also generally raised the prices of coatings.
    Oil-based coatings rose by 20%, especially It is the sharp rise of furniture paint and decoration paint, which will increase the decoration costs of the citizens.

        It is understood that the main reason for the obvious rise in paint prices lies in the raw materials.
    The price of paint raw materials (mainly solvents) has risen from more than 5,000 yuan to more than 9,000 yuan.
    Since March, the profits of paint manufacturers have decreased significantly.
    However, they were afraid of losing market share and did not dare to increase prices.
    Despite the pressure of soaring raw materials, soaring freight rates, and energy shortages, more obvious price increases began to appear.
    Chen Guanqi, secretary general of the Shunde Paint Chamber of Commerce, introduced that in the past week, paint companies in Shunde have generally adjusted product prices.
    The price increase of water-based paints was small, and the price of oil-based paints increased by 20%.
    This is directly related to the recent increase in oil prices and transportation costs.

        Tian Min, the management director of Shenzhou Chemical Industry Co.
    , Ltd.
    , said that the price of paints in Shenzhou has risen by about 10% in the past week because the price of paint raw materials such as solvents is closely related to the price of petroleum.
    Solvents have risen by more than 150% over the same period last year.
    Affected the price of coating products.
    Tian Min said, considering that there is a process for market acceptance, paint manufacturers are afraid to increase prices sharply.
    Shenzhou's current price increase can only guarantee a small profit, and Shenzhou's profit is also lower than before the oil price rise in July.
    According to Tian Min, the price of oil-based paints in Shunde began to rise in early August, with an increase of about 20%, especially for furniture paints and decoration paints.
    A person from the Guangdong Coatings Industry Association pointed out that by October, as home decoration and furniture production enter the peak season, the price of oil-based coatings will soar.
    There are several home decoration nitro, floor paints, and floor paints that Guangdong people love to use.
    The price of polyester coatings will rise sharply, which may have a certain impact on citizens' decoration.

       The price increase will accelerate the "shuffle".
    Industry insiders believe that due to the rise in oil prices, the prices of coating raw materials and coating products have been driven up, and even played a role in the "shuffle" of the industry.
    Large-scale and powerful companies have large centralized purchases and relatively low cost pressures, while small paint factories with weak comprehensive strengths often cannot withstand the pressure of rising raw material prices.
    Due to the high purchase prices of raw materials and rising shipping costs, the products cannot A substantial price increase, more production means more losses, and some small factories have to stop production.

    (Wen Cai, our special correspondent)

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