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    Shy, talk about the sex life of lupus patients (minor patients should be cautious)

    • Last Update: 2023-01-04
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    In the past, we popularized a lot of things about clothing, food, housing and transportation, but Mutual Aid Jun found that there is a problem that many butterfly friends want to know and will avoid talking about because of shyness - that is, sex life
    Today we will talk about this topic: How can lupus patients better enjoy the joy of DOI?

    Don't be shy~ Everyone has the right to enjoy DOI happiness, and lupus patients are naturally no exception, but have you done these precautions?

    Precautions for DOI in patients with lupus

    Do a good job of cleaning to prevent infection

    Butterfly friend Xiao A and her boyfriend are in love, a good moonlit night, the two enjoyed the joy of fish and water, but Xiao A found that his private parts were itchy the next day, but Xiao A was afraid in his heart, and hurriedly checked the information to comfort himself, but saw this description:

    Profile card

    If there are still bacteria and dirt attached to the male genitals, they may be introduced into the female body during the DOI process, increasing the risk of infection and gynaecological diseases such as vaginitis;

    If women before DOI fail to clean the vulva, they may also spread germs to men, causing andrological diseases
    such as posthitis and balanitis.

    Xiao A regretted it in her heart, it turned out that before this, she forgot a very important thing: do a good job of cleaning!

    In front of Xiao A, is the "initiator" of lupus, in the process of wolf warriors, taking hormones, immunosuppressants and other drugs to bring a certain impact on Xiao A's immunity, it is precisely because she and her boyfriend in DOI cleaning work is not in place, there are symptoms of urinary tract infection!

    Therefore, butterfly friends must do a good job of cleaning before sex, and do not forget to urinate in time, clean up the body fluids, and do not leave a little chance for the occurrence of urinary tract infections and vaginal itching and other diseases [1].

    Image source: Photogram

    Mutual help Jun reminds that for female friends, doi when doing cleaning work does not need to be overkill, generally only need to rinse the vulva with water is enough, avoid using sterilization products such as gynecological cleaning liquid without medical advice, in fact, women's private parts are microbiota to maintain PH balance, if you use sterilization products, it will destroy the PH balance and cause gynecological diseases

    Safe contraception

    Butterfly friend Xiaoli learned that pregnancy is also a factor in the recurrence of lupus, she and her husband have always been very careful, but she is still very worried, how should she choose contraception? Xiaoli's troubles believe that more than one butterfly friend has encountered, and Mutual Aid Jun is here to introduce you to how lupus patients should safely use contraception

    One| barrier contraception

    Barrier contraception, i.
    the use of condoms, is the only contraceptive measure
    that protects against sexually transmitted diseases.
    The 2016 Medical Standards for the Use of Contraceptive Methods in the United States states that people with lupus can choose barrier methods of contraception, with male condoms being the most widely
    However, it should be noted that the use of condoms does not mean that 100% contraception is possible, and the success rate of contraception depends on the compliance of the patient and the sexual partner, that is, during each sexual life, both parties must use the condom throughout the
    process and correctly.

    Image source: Photogram

    Oral contraceptive pills | contraception

    A number of prospective studies of lupus-related thrombosis risk assessment have shown that for patients with lupus who are inactive or in a stable phase and have negative antiphospholipid antibody levels, taking combined oral contraceptives containing estrogen and progestogens does not increase the risk of disease recurrence, and can also help prevent osteoporosis and improve fertility

    However, it should be noted that before using estrogen-containing contraceptives, patients must consult the attending doctor to exclude a history of thrombosis and positive antiphospholipid antibody levels, nephrotic syndrome

    Tips: Antiphospholipid antibodies disrupt the balance of coagulation and fibrinolytic systems and promote thrombosis through multiple signaling pathways

    iii| IUD contraception

    Studies have shown that copper-containing IUDs do not increase the risk of intrauterine infection in patients with lupus who have been treated with low-dose hormones for a long time, although they remain immunosuppressed, and there is currently no evidence that IUD contraception increases the risk of
    relapse in people with lupus.

    Therefore, the 2015 Recommendations for the Perinatal Management of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in China recommends the use of low-dose glucocorticoids (prednisone 15 mg/day or equivalent) plus immunosuppressant therapy and the use of copper-containing IUDs for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus without immunosuppressants

    Image source: Photogram

    Contraception implanted under the skin |

    Subcutaneous implantable contraception is a highly effective contraceptive method, which refers to the implantation of silicon capsules containing progestogen contraceptives in the subcutaneous area of the inner upper arm of women of childbearing age, so that the drug can be released into the bloodstream at a slow and constant rate to achieve the purpose of
    long-term contraception.
    A subcutaneous implant contraception can maintain the contraceptive effect for 3~6 years, does not contain estrogen, the contraceptive failure rate is low, and the contraceptive effect is reversible, and the fertility function
    can be restored by taking it out.

    However, having systemic lupus erythematosus is a relative contraindication to subcutaneous implanted contraception, even though the "2022 Chinese Guidelines for the Reproductive and Pregnancy Management of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus" mentions that patients with lupus can choose subcutaneous implanted contraception, but for safety reasons, butterfly friends must use it after consulting a doctor [4,7].

    Do you know these 3 contraceptive misunderstandings?

    Mutual aid Jun found that many people still have misunderstandings about contraception, especially girls who are not deeply involved in the world are easy to be "baby, you can not wear a condom during the safe period", "baby, I can't rub in", "I use a large size".
    and other "scumbag-like" sweet words to coax

    Today, in response to the three most common contraceptive misunderstandings, mutual aid jun one by one to refute the rumors!


    Safe period doi will not get pregnant?

    The so-called safe period refers to the days outside the ovulation period of women every month, many people think that women will not ovulate during this time period, even if they do not do any contraception, sperm and eggs have no chance to meet, combine, is the best time for doi, of course, there will be accidental pregnancy, really a big mistake!

    Because women's ovulation period will change dynamically with life, environment and their own health status, it is difficult for us to calculate accurately, so it is undoubtedly a big gamble to live apricot life without doing anything during the safe period, and if you lose the bet, you have to accept the consequences of contraceptive failure and accidental pregnancy, which is extremely detrimental to the progression of lupus lupus patients
    Therefore, lupus patients should do a good job of contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy, whether they are in a safe period or not, which is not only responsible for themselves, but also for the baby in the belly [1].


    Is withdrawal contraception reliable?

    Some couples do not use any contraception before DOI, thinking that as long as the sperm and egg do not meet at the end, the withdrawal can be 100% contraception, in fact, this is very risky, because the man's semen is not necessarily excreted at the moment of the final orgasm

    In fact, in the DOI process, men will also unconsciously discharge part of the sperm, and as long as one sperm successfully combines with the egg, pregnancy is a matter of time
    What's more, withdrawal contraception may also fail due to poor male control, so withdrawal contraception is very unreliable, and if you want contraception, you must make the right contraception in advance [5].


    Can you wear a condom to 100% contraception?

    Contraception condoms are not 100% successful contraceptive methods, as mentioned above, but why? Studies have shown that condom rupture during use (incidence 0.
    5%~18%) and slippage are one of the main causes of contraceptive failure, half of the ruptures occur at the end of DOI, and the incidence of pregnancy due to condom rupture is 45.

    The main causes of condom rupture are too long time, insufficient use of lubricant, wrong use of condoms, etc.
    , and condom slippage is caused by excessive condom size
    Therefore, in order to succeed in contraception, patients should first buy a condom of the right size, and carefully check whether the condom is broken before doi to reduce the chance
    of contraceptive failure.

    Write at the end

    In short, under the premise of following the doctor's advice and maintaining the disease in a stable state, butterfly friends can also enjoy the pleasure of driving, but they must master the correct contraceptive method before having sex, and do not forget to do a good job of cleaning, do their best to avoid unwanted pregnancy, and avoid unplanned pregnancies leading to a re-increase in lupus activity, which is not only responsible for themselves, but also for their loved ones and their families

    May everyone enjoy
    without worries.

    Responsible Editor: Mutual Help

    Cover image source: Photogram


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