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    Sichuan: excellent effect of raising pigs with forage and concentrate

    • Last Update: 2002-02-07
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    Introduction: about 40 kg piglets can be raised with forage and concentrate for three and a half months to 100 kg, and each pig can earn about 150 yuan This is Wang Lianfang, a young woman in wangjiaguanzhuang village, Xiaodian Town, Juxian County, Shandong Province She has developed a set of "low input, high output" new technology for pig breeding At present, farmers use food to raise pigs with high cost and low efficiency In view of this situation, Wang Lianfang, who quit his job and went back to his hometown to establish a famous forage breeding and extension base, actively carried out the experiment of forage pig raising, and explored a set of new technology of rapid fattening pig raising with forage and concentrate Last year, she raised three batches of more than 210 pigs, with an economic benefit of more than 30000 yuan Specific measures: when the pig is 40kg, it can be fed with 60% forage and 40% concentrate for about 55kg for one month, then it can be fed with 50% forage and 50% concentrate for about 75kg for one month, and finally it can be chased with 20% forage and 80% concentrate for one and a half months, and each pig can reach the standard of 100kg Each pig from 40 kg feed to the market share 175 kg of concentrate According to the price of self prepared concentrate at 1 yuan per kg, a total of 175 yuan is calculated The price of each piglet is about 200 yuan, and the total cost of each pig is 375 yuan When each pig is raised to 100 kg, the total income is 520 yuan calculated by the purchase price of 5.2 yuan / kg, so that 145 yuan can be earned for each pig after deducting the cost Through the experiment, 20-30 pigs can be raised per mu of forage, and the benefit of scientific pig raising per mu of forage is more than 2000 yuan "Management brings benefits", especially for Industry and agriculture Wang Lianfang, a young woman in the countryside, carefully studied the technology of piglet forage dressing and rapid fattening, which saved the cost and improved the benefit through scientific feeding and management Today, in order to accelerate the development of agricultural industrialization and highlight the scale management of agricultural products, it is immeasurable to study and strengthen the management of each link for improving the quality and overall efficiency of agricultural products (author:) share to feed Weibo share to:
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