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    Significant setback in internationalization Kanghong Pharmaceutical suspends global multi-center clinical trials of Conbercept

    • Last Update: 2021-07-11
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           On April 9, Kanghong Pharmaceutical announced that it would completely stop the global multi-center clinical trial of Conbercept ophthalmic injection
    As a domestically produced and original Class 1 drug, Conbercept has performed well in the past few years and is a star drug that the industry has placed high hopes on

    This time, Kanghong Pharmaceutical's announcement of the suspension of overseas clinical trials of Conbercept may be a major setback in the internationalization of Conbercept in recent years, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry


           Domestic original biological class 1 new drug

           As a class 1 innovative drug with completely independent intellectual property rights independently developed by Kanghong Biological, Conbercept ophthalmic injection can effectively bind to VEGF in blood vessels and tissues and block the VEGF-mediated promotion of new blood vessel sprouting and growth The signal transmission of retinal disease is a blockbuster domestic drug in the field of treatment of retinal diseases

           In November 2013, Conbercept was approved for marketing by the State Food and Drug Administration of China, and the approved indication is wet age-related macular degeneration (wAMD).
    In 2017 and 2019, Conbercept was approved in China.
    Two new indications were approved: for the treatment of visual impairment caused by choroidal neovascularization secondary to pathological myopia (pmCNV), and the treatment of visual impairment caused by diabetic macular edema (DME)


           As of the end of 2020, Conbercept has accumulated more than 1.
    5 million injections in China, and its related clinical studies have been 74, covering more than 13,000 patients.
    The safety and effectiveness of domestic patients have been adequate Verification


           Review of Compaqcept's overseas clinical layout

           Based on a large amount of clinical trial data in China, Kanghong Pharmaceutical submitted a clinical application to the US FDA for the first time in 2016
    In September 016, the US FDA approved the direct development of a phase III clinical trial of Conbercept ophthalmic injection for the treatment of wAMD indications.
    This trial is a multi-center, double-blind, randomized multi-dose evaluation of intravitreal injection of Compacil General safety and effectiveness study (PANDA test)


           In November 2017, Kang Hong hired the professional CRO company INC Research to be responsible for the full implementation of the trial on a global scale

           In April 2018, Kanghong received a notice from the U.
    FDA on the special program review of clinical trials, and agreed to directly enter the global phase III clinical trial of Conbercept


           In September 2018, the first subject in the United States was enrolled for treatment

           In 2019, the PANDA trial received clinical registration applications from 17 countries/regions

           In 2020, all enrolled subjects will continue to receive drug treatment in accordance with the clinical trial protocol

           In 2021, the project will enter a comprehensive safety observation phase, and the phased database lock for the 36-week primary endpoint will be completed in March; in April, the PANDA Trial Scientific Steering Committee held a special meeting and conducted a mid-term review of the existing data Comment

           The adverse impact of the epidemic on the overseas clinics of Conbercept

           In January 2020, the new crown epidemic broke out one after another at home and abroad

           As a global public health emergency, the new crown epidemic has caused great difficulties and impacts on Conbercept's overseas clinical research.
    Factors including various control measures introduced by various countries have caused a large number of subjects to fall off and lose follow-up.
    , Super-windows, the closure of a large number of research centers and visit restrictions have also made on-site clinical quality inspections and audits extremely difficult, and the project implementation has started a comprehensive battle


           As many as 68 clinical trial centers, more than half of the subjects' visual acuity improved at or below zero from baseline after injection
    The 68 center analysis is based on all patients with aflibercept and conbercept.
    There is no time to further subdivide them, how many are conbercept


           At present, there is no universal assessment and correction method for the epidemic situation, and the significant impact on the PANDA trial cannot be fully evaluated.
    The PANDA trial failed to achieve the expected goal.
    Considering the clinical benefits of the tested patients, the continued advancement of the PANDA trial has been unable to obtain registration.
    The result of value



           In the recent investor exchange meeting for listed companies, Kanghong Pharmaceutical stated that the two sub-tests 1801 and 1802 of the PANDA trial have now been stopped globally.
    The company needs to analyze and investigate the trial, and carefully analyze the data and the reasons behind it.
    And continue to communicate with regulatory agencies in various countries to prudently promote follow-up related work


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