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    Silitan, a new antihypertensive drug of xinlitai, plans to carry out overseas registration and clinical work

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Xinlitai (Ye Yuxiang, general manager, said at the performance briefing today that the company's new product, xinlitan (alisartan ester tablets), is a global innovative product

    At present, it has obtained or applied for patent authorization in Europe, the United States and other countries, and the company is now selecting appropriate countries to carry out overseas registration and clinical work of xinlitan

    Ye Yuxiang said that xinlitan is a rare class 1.1 new anti hypertension drug independently developed in China

    The patent protection period is until 2026, the product has low toxicity, the consistency of antihypertensive effect is better than that of similar products, and it is suitable for long-term use

    At present, the population of hypertension in China reaches 200 million, and the market prospect is very large

    Xinlitan is an innovative drug purchased by xinlitai with a capital of 340 million yuan

    It obtained the production approval document at the end of October last year and has been put on the market for sale

    Ye Yuxiang once predicted that if xinlitan could enter the national medical insurance catalog or provincial medical insurance catalog and use the existing hospital channels of the company's products, the future sales revenue would reach 3 billion

    Xinlitai is mainly engaged in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular preparations, and its main products "Taijia" (clopidogrel tablets) and "xindayi" (benazepril hydrochloride tablets) have passed the EU certification and obtained the marketing license of European multi-national markets

    In 2013, xinlitai began to sell in the EU market.
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