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    Simple test step analysis of the initial viscosity force of the adhesive band ring

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    The simple test step of the bonding band ring initial viscose force analyzes the initial adhesive force of the adhesive adhesive band, and the separation force after contact with the standard test plate of the ring adhesive strip material (glue-facing outer) is at a certain speedThis is china and Europe and the United States widely used is one of the initial viscosity evaluation indicators.GB/T 31125-2014 "Adhesive band initial viscosity test method ring method" standard provides for the test method A-pull test machine method, the general test principle diagram is as follows: adhesive band ring initial adhesive force simple test step: 1, the stainless steel material T-shaped ring initial adhesive test plate installed in the Labthink pull test machine under the fixture2, unmasking the off-the-material covering the specimen, will be completely bent over the specimen, be careful not to make it appear wrinkledBend the specimen into a teardrop-shaped ring, the ring circumnavigation is 127mm, with adhesive face outwards3, the prepared 24mm wide, plastic face outward, both ends through the cover tape tightened the tail of the ring adhesive tape specimen clamped on the fixture.4, start the pull test machine, the fixture at 300mm /min speed down, so that the middle part of the specimen ring fullcontact with the center of the T-shaped test plate 24mm x 24mm area, to maintain more than 3s, the upper fixture at the same speed up5, the pull test machine automatically records the test data, the test results for the sample ring to escape the test board required for the large pullAt the same time, the user needs to observe the destruction method of the test ring bonding with the test plate, in order to analyze the defects of the adhesive tape preparation process.
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