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    Singapore egg merchants lost 200,000 eggs because of oversupply.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-20
    • Source: Internet
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    Singapore's imported egg population has recovered, but continued declinein demand in the restaurant industry has led to oversupply, with prices falling by more than two cents per egg and even a batch of more than 200,000 from ThailandSingapore's "Joint Morning Post" reported that eggs in April during the virus blocking measures had a price increase, but with Malaysia, Thailand and other places export ban, coupled with many egg merchants recently also from Ukraine, Poland and other countries to import eggs, now there is a market oversupply problem, so that egg merchants have been bitterAbout 80% of the eggs from the horse's Kairong egg line recently reduced sales by at least 10%According to insiders, this is due to a number of hotels and restaurants have not returned to normal business, and recently there is no such as Eid al-Fitr need to produce food festivallocal producers say they can now only reduce the number of eggs imported slightly, but because of the fear that the market will suddenly return to temperature next month, eggs will be in short supply, so even if it is now out of stock, they are afraid to sellImported eggs are generally kept fresh in the freezer for 4 to 6 months, but in order to be fresh, they still need to be sold quicklyNow, the eggs that came in in May are sold at a loss, some producers said sales in the past two months were about half as low as before the outbreakAlthough their imports of eggs from Malaysia have been reduced by about 50%, they are still unable to avoid slow sales, resulting in a price reduction of more than 10%their own deli centers, the amount of eggs used by each vendor could be reduced from about 300 a day to about 60 todayOverall, sales have fallen significantly, and even if many people now choose to cook at home, increasing demand for eggs in supermarkets, they will not be able to save the damage."We just lost a shipment of eggs imported from Thailand two weeks ago, in excess of 200,000There is no other way, can only hope that the catering industry as soon as possible to return to normal, so that the supply of eggs back on track"
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