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    Sinopec Catalyst received another U.S. order

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
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    : Recently, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute developed GS-DE xylene dehydrogenation catalyst successfully landed in the U.S. market, access to Dow Chemical Company's second order.
    diethylene benzene is a very important crosslinker, widely used in ion exchange resin, ion exchange film, ABS resin, such as high-performance modified. For many years, Dow Chemical has been looking for a better performance of xylene dehydrogenation dvinyl benzene catalyst, Sinopec dehydrogenation catalyst by the company's technology executives attention. Deethylene dehydrogenation catalyst technology is based on the research of traditional ethyl benzene dehydrogenation technology, aiming at the production of high-end chemicals newly developed technology, further extending the dehydrogenation catalyst industry chain. At present, Shanghai Petrochemical Institute has formed a series of technologies such as ethyl benzene/polyethylene dehydrogenation, alkane dehydrogenation, olefin oxidation dehydrogenation and so on.
    2011, Dow Chemical Company and Shanghai Petrochemical Institute of technical exchanges, Dow Chemical Company is very satisfied with the performance indicators of shanghai institute dehydrogenation catalyst and reached the intention of cooperation. Through nearly two years of meticulous work, the first export of GS-DE dehydrogenation catalyst in Dow Chemical's industrial applications, the technical indicators have met the requirements of the other side, and the stability is better than the company's original products.
    dehydrogenation catalyst has been widely used in more than 20 sets of devices in China, resulting in good economic and social benefits. In recent years, Shanghai Academy has actively laid out overseas markets, dehydrogenation catalysts have been successfully applied in Taiwan, the Middle East and other regions of a number of chemical enterprises.
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