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    Sinopec Epaike's cumulative transaction volume over the past 6 years exceeds 2 trillion

    • Last Update: 2022-05-13
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      A few days ago, Sinopec's pan-industrial products e-commerce platform Epaike released the transcript of its 6th anniversary of operation: As of April 12, 2022, the cumulative transaction volume of the platform reached 2.
    1 trillion yuan, and there were 2.
    89 million kinds of online products.
    , 102,000 registered enterprises

    Among them, the platform transaction amount in 2021 will be 531.
    2 billion yuan, and the online payment amount will be 130.
    4 billion yuan

    In the first quarter of this year, the transaction amount of Epaike platform increased by 34% compared with the same period of last year, all businesses maintained a steady development momentum, and the market influence continued to expand


      Over the past 6 years, Epaike has continued to innovate and explore practices, continuously enhanced its connotative service capabilities, broadened its extension service scope, and fully focused on the construction of an e-commerce ecosystem.
    Supply chain innovation and application demonstration enterprise, national SME public service demonstration platform


      Continue to improve the international business platform.
    As of April 12, Epaike's international business platform has more than 20,000 kinds of commodities, with a cumulative transaction amount of 73.
    6 billion US dollars, and its business scope covers 104 countries and regions around the world

    As an e-commerce platform serving the BRICS countries, Epac has always focused on global trade financing, empowering domestic enterprises to go international, and its business scope covers raw materials, materials, equipment, chemicals and other professional fields

    At the same time, Epac has established cooperation with a total of 169 suppliers and 156 purchasers in 59 countries along the "Belt and Road", and realized the import and export trade of industrial products between enterprises along the "Belt and Road" of 27.
    5 billion US dollars, accounting for the international business platform trade.
    37% of the total

    Since 2021, Epaike has cooperated with Yandex, Google and other search engines to carry out global online and offline multi-channel promotion operations, helping high-quality Chinese manufacturing to go global


      Continue to promote the construction of the "Easy Series" e-commerce ecosystem, and devote itself to providing value-added services for platform enterprises
    "Easy Pay" provides enterprises with safe and friendly payment guarantees.
    As of April 12, 2022, the cumulative online payment amount has reached 616.
    7 billion yuan; "Easy Factoring" opens up efficient and convenient financing channels for enterprises, and 543 platform companies have passed Management financing has received more than 26.
    4 billion yuan of financial support; "E-Certificate" provides enterprises with a fast and flexible way to transfer creditor's rights, with a total of over 5.
    7 billion yuan in Yiquan Tong, and a cumulative turnover of over 780 million yuan; "Easy Certification" for enterprises to develop knowledge Innovation ability evaluation, accumulatively received 380 applications for intellectual property ability evaluation; "Easy Zone" provides professional procurement and sales services for enterprises, and the labor insurance zone promotes Xinjiang cotton transactions of 15,000 tons, 59,000 sets of clothing, and a cumulative transaction value of 270 million yuan.
    Through the entire cotton industry chain in Xinjiang; the cumulative transaction volume of the valve area exceeds 39 billion yuan, the cumulative transaction volume of the material disposal area exceeds 600 million yuan, and the average premium rate exceeds 30%; "Easy Logistics" provides logistics solutions for enterprises, and there are 1,349 enterprises.
    Platform companies use the Epace logistics cloud platform; "Easy Life" provides digital solutions for welfare care for companies, and has achieved a transaction scale of 39.
    92 million yuan; "Easy Insurance" has built a secure and reliable risk protection for companies, and has provided 4,504 platform companies.
    Underwriting, the premium transaction scale is 15.
    48 million yuan; "Epaike Business Travel" customizes simple and efficient business travel services for enterprises, achieving a transaction scale of 50.
    38 million yuan and 123,000 orders


      In October 2021, the first industrial products exhibition of Epaco will be held in Suzhou, which is also the first pan-industrial products exhibition in China.
    The number of on-site visitors reached 50,000, attracting millions of online visitors

    The 2nd Epacket Industrial Products Exhibition will be held in Suzhou in September this year.
    Five major themed exhibition areas will be set up, including the heavy equipment area, the Seiko products area, the clean energy area, the intelligent manufacturing and service area, and the energy and station area


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