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    Sinopec started the construction of the first "black gold" 48K large tow carbon fiber project in China

    • Last Update: 2022-01-11
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    On January 5, the reporter learned from the Sinopec News Office that Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical’s "12,000 tons/year 48K large tow carbon fiber" project officially started construction
    This marks that Shanghai Petrochemical, a subsidiary of Sinopec, has become the first domestic company to break through the 48K large tow carbon fiber industrialization technology.
    China's large tow carbon fiber has successfully embarked on the road of large-scale production from the research and development trial production, reaching the international advanced level


    In the carbon fiber industry, each domestic carbon fiber is basically between 10,000 and 12,000, which is called small tow carbon fiber, and the number of carbon fibers per fiber is more than 48,000 (referred to as 48K) is called large tow carbon fiber.

    The biggest advantage of 48K large tow is that under the same production conditions, it can greatly improve the productivity and quality performance of carbon fiber single wire

    The large-tow carbon fiber developed and trial-produced by Shanghai Petrochemical Company was black and shiny when it came out of the furnace.
    It is a new high-strength fiber material with a carbon content of more than 95%

    Its mechanical properties are excellent, its specific gravity is less than a quarter of steel, but its strength is 7 to 9 times that of steel, and it also has corrosion resistance.
    It is called "the king of new materials" and is also called "black gold".
    "It can be widely used in aircraft parts, rail transit raw materials, car body manufacturing, etc.
    , and has broad application prospects in all walks of life


    The project includes 12,000 tons/year 48K large tow carbon fiber, 24,000 tons/year raw silk, etc.
    , with a total investment of 3.
    5 billion yuan.
    It is a major industrial project in Shanghai and is planned to be completed by 2024

    The project adopts self-developed one-step polyacrylonitrile-based production technology and adopts advanced process routes.
    After the project is put into production, it will change the situation that China's large tow carbon fiber is all dependent on imports and the long-term supply exceeds demand.
    It will vigorously promote the development of the domestic carbon fiber industry and help China's manufacturing


    The picture shows the starting site of Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical's "12,000 tons/year 48K large tow carbon fiber" project

    Carbon fiber technology has strict technical barriers, so far only a few developed countries such as Japan and the United States have and master it
    Shanghai Petrochemical, together with Shanghai Research Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry, Shanghai Engineering Company, etc.
    , and with the strong support of Shanghai, together with more than 10 universities, research institutes, and enterprises, including Fudan University, has developed a business-oriented "industry-academic The road of collaborative innovation that combines ”, research, and application” achieved a major breakthrough in 2018, successfully trial-produced 48K large tow carbon fiber, and went through the entire process

    As of 2020, Shanghai Petrochemical has obtained a total of 165 carbon fiber related patents

    After more than ten years of hard work, China's carbon fiber has achieved a major breakthrough from 12K to 48K, and successfully achieved a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change in R&D and production technology


    The picture shows the carbon fiber precursor and large tow carbon fiber

    Shanghai Petrochemical is one of the large-scale synthetic fiber production bases in China.
    Its acrylic fiber production technology capacity ranks first in the country, and the variety development and production technology of clothing fiber products have reached the world's advanced level


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