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    Home > Medical News > Medical World News > Six months after the real name report, Rao Yi sent a message again questioning the academic fraud of Geng Meiyu team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    Six months after the real name report, Rao Yi sent a message again questioning the academic fraud of Geng Meiyu team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-23
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    On July 6, local time, Rao Yi, who is currently president of Capital Medical University, as a member of the editorial board of Cell Research, questioned the existence of research fraud by Geng Meiyu's team at the Shanghai Institute of Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

    This is the second time Rao Yi has pointed the finger at Geng Meiyu's team after reporting his real name at the end of November last year

    September 2019, A research paper by Geng Meiyu's team entitled "Sodium oligomanat therapeutic sex spentssons smitten spution snr- and suppresses gut amino acids-shaped neurogens to the ar-el-Ession" appeared on the cover of Cell Research magazine

    In this article, Geng Meiyu's team says that glycosacind diacid (GV-971) can be treated for Alzheimer's disease by reconstructing the gut flora

    Two months later, Rao Yi, in a whistleblowing letter to the National Natural Fund Committee, reported the fraud of three academic "bulls", including Geng Meiyu, and made it clear in commenting on the article in Cell Research that "it is not possible to fake."

    However, the Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in an interview with the media, said that experts have been organized to carry out preliminary verification, according to the results of the initial nuclear, Geng Meiyu team on GV-971 research paper does not have the problem of academic fraud, the incident also ended

    however, more than half a year later, Rao Yi in the "Cell Research" article questioned Geng Meiyu's team's research once again put the fraud incident to the public's eyes

    In this question, Rao mentioned that Geng Meiyu's team has previously published 12 in vivo and in vitro studies of GV-971, of which 7 are original research papers and 5 are reviews or related papers

    But it is doubtful that the team published a study in Cell Research last year that did not cite any of them

    , from these papers, the magic of GV971's efficacy is truly startling, both to treat Parkinson's disease in the mouse model, reduce the memory damage induced by the tomanot, but also to inhibit the death of h2O2-induced neurons, but also in vitro action on astro-glial cells

    Rao noted that GV971 involves such different targets and treatment mechanisms that it has to raise concerns about their credibility, and that in his study of the history of biomedical research, "no drug has ever been used to treat or alleviate a disease." "
    is known that at the end of December 2019, Geng Meiyu's team based on GV971-related research and development of the world's first new drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, "Phase 9 1" officially launched, a single box (specs: 150mg x 14 capsules x 3 boards) priced at 895 yuan

    At the same time, the drug has been approved by the FDA for direct phase III clinical trials in the United States

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