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    Six walnuts sell 8 billion yuan a year the main ingredient is actually water and sugar, the highest cost is the can!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    "Always use your brain and drink six more walnuts."ever, want to keep fit, do you have to drink a bottle of six walnuts every morning to make up your brain?However, with the coconut coconut juice vulgar advertising event fermentation, many netizens only understand: the original silly to pay years of IQ taxin fact, not only six walnuts and coconut palm, brain platinum, small cans of tea, even herbal tea and so on are also not true1 or 6 walnuts sell for 8 billiona year, the main ingredient is water and sugar , six walnut parent company yuan drink (603156) handed over the 2018 report cardannual report showed that in 2018, the company's revenue was RMB8.144 billion, up 5.21% from RMB7.74 billion a year earlier, and net profit was RMB2.677 billion, up 15.92% from a year earlier, walnut milk revenue of 8.02 billion yuan, accounting for 98% of the revenue of yuan drinks, gross margin is as high as 50.06 percentWhy is the gross margin ofwalnut milk so high? Let's take a look at the nutritional table of six walnuts:industry analysis, a can of six walnuts is 240ml, the fat content is 2.2g x 2.4 x 5.28g, while 100g of dried walnuts have a fat content of about 58.8g, a dry walnut is about 5-7gThat is, a dry walnut contains about 3.5g of fata can of six walnuts, in fact, less than two walnutslook at its ingredients list: mainly water and sugar, as well as food additivesSome netizens say, have this money, really better than buy 6-7 walnuts to eat itaccording to the prospectus, the cost composition of a can of six walnuts is roughly: cans (0.57 yuan), walnut kernels (0.25 yuan), white sugar (0.05 yuan), other raw materials (0.13 yuan)calculated, the highest proportion of the cost of six walnuts per can was the can, which was 52.18 percent The cost of walnuts is only 23.3% 2018, the situation has not improved, with the purchase of cans accounting for 58.45 per cent of the purchase amount, which is 6 per cent higher than when it was launched, while walnut kernels accounted for only 15.98 per cent of the purchase, a decrease of nearly 7 per cent and six walnuts can open up a market, mainly the actual controller Yao Kuizhang shrewd marketing means and high marketing fees and investment 2000, six walnuts spent 60 million, hired a well-known host Chen Luyu as a spokesman, accurately to students, brain workers as the target group, in the news broadcast of the gold advertising broadcast "often use the brain, drink six more walnuts" advertising this slogan is like a magic sound, all over the north and south of the river Let six walnuts in a row ten years hot, market share is high but with the questioning of professional counterfeiter Wang Hai and the publicity of Dr Lilac, the controversy over whether the six walnuts are brain-replenishing has become clear it is worth mentioning that in 2018, the 2018 yuan drink a large dividend: every 10 shares of the dividend of 30 yuan (including tax) but Jinmei's daughter-in-law, the majority shareholder Yao Kuizhang holds 159 million shares, calculated that the majority shareholder of this dividend has 477 million fell into the pocket, accounting for 21.11% of the total amount of the dividend 2, brain white gold, small cans of tea, herbal tea also paid a lot of IQ taxes Like the six walnuts' magic-tone ads, the brain-platinum, which came out in 1997, was popular on the streets because of the slogan "No New Year's Day this year, only brain platinum" advertising August 1999, the brain white gold explosion According to media reports, its shipments suddenly surged, and even in some first-tier cities, the phenomenon of out-of-stock, rush until September 2016, in a promotional video, Brain Platinum proudly said it had successfully sold 460 million bottles, creating a myth that the health care industry was a no-brainer but is brain platinum really a "brain-replenishing" drug? according to the composition of brain platinum, mainly melatonin, starch, hawthorn, dates and so on in addition to melatonin, the other are several common Chinese herbs And the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce in the investigation of "brain platinum" illegal advertising found that: brain platinum advertising there is a serious situation of illegal propaganda mainly manifested in: brain platinum advertising, the human brain secretion of melatonin self-named "brain platinum", the foreign mice take "Melatonin" falsely claimed to take "brain platinum", with its product name consistent, seriously misleading consumers so, Shi Yuzhu's brain platinum advertising language is "twisted" everyone for more than 20 years ah small can of tea that has been on fire for a long time, and in 2019 has also been accused of false propaganda in an advertisement, small cans of tea claim that each can is "master hand-fried", very precious, 4 grams as long as 48 yuan But with sales of 2 billion in 2018, each master of small cans of tea will fry 250 million yuan a year master busy? in response to this, small jar tea advertising tea master Yu Liang's daughter, said that small cans of tea is their cooperation project, the master "made", not the master personally "do" As soon as this remark came out, netizens were eaten melonagainagain in addition, the cool tea that is hot and hot seems to be more healthy than cola but a small partner found that a bottle of herbal tea contains 8.3g x 3.1 x 25.78g, which is not much less than Coke the heat to fire dare not say, but drink down a bottle, a day's share of sugar, properly exceeded the standard 3, play advertising wipe the edge ball, be careful of the reputation of the disgrace! although six walnuts and brain platinum successfully "brainwashed" the little mates with the slogan But according to Article 8 of China's Anti-Unfair Competition Law, operators may not make false or misleading commercial propaganda about the performance, function, quality, sales status, user evaluation, honor, etc of their goods, and deceive or mislead consumers , the national drink coconut coconut juice because of the function of the spicy eye publicity and reputation 2002, the coconut coconut curve is moving, from childhood to big ads to make people hot eyes It was only that the style of dressing of the spokesman was not exposed today, and the Internet was not developed at that time but today's coconut coconut juice advertising style out of the sky, but also playing breast augmentation gimmicks, seriousviolation of the legitimate consumer rights and interests of users, challenging the bottom line of the public, and ultimately caused the disgust of small partners and for six walnuts, there are also constant lawsuits from consumers 2017, a consumer sued for claiming that he bought a bottle of "six walnuts" at a supermarket with six walnuts on the outside packaging, but did not actually have "six walnuts" in each bottle of drink but the court found that "six walnuts" were registered trademarks and were not a description of the number of walnuts in the ingredients of the product, and dismissed his claim but industry insiders believe that from coconut palm to six walnuts, even brain platinum, it is actually advertising edge ball Because in the description, there is no link with the brain, brain rehydration effect So successfully evaded the law and for herbal tea and other drinks, although there is a fire effect, but also because of "China every 10 cans of herbal tea sold 7 cans of gado treasure", "GadoBao herbal tea national sales far ahead" such advertising slogans and false advertising see here, the little partners can count their own pay a lot of IQ tax? Source: Financial Investment
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