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    Small knowledge bar: water-based paint after dry waterproof?

    • Last Update: 2020-12-31
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    Water-based paint is a common paint, in the application is relatively wide, because this coating on some items need to do some waterproof measures, you can consider this paint, to a certain extent, can protect from water erosion, water-based paint after dry waterproofing?
    water-resistant paint waterproof after drying?
    water-resistant paint is harmless to human body, does not pollute the environment, the paint film is full, crystal clear, flexible and has water resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, fast drying, easy to use and so on. Water as a solvent saves a lot of resources, eliminates the fire hazard during construction, reduces air pollution, and improves the working environment conditions by using only a small amount of low toxic alcohol ether organic solvent. General water-based coating organic solvents (accounting for coatings) between 5% and 15%, while cathode electrophoresis coatings have been reduced to less than 1.2%, to reduce pollution and save resources significantly

    water-based coatings can be applied directly to construction on wet surfaces and humid environments, and are adaptable to material surfaces and have strong coating adhesion. Coating tools can be cleaned with water, greatly reducing the consumption of cleaning solvents and effectively reducing injuries to construction personnel. The electrophoresis coating film is uniform and smooth. Good flatness, inner cavity, weld, angle, edge part can be coated with a certain thickness of the coating film, has a good protection, electrophoresis coating film has the best corrosion resistance, thick film cathode electrophoresis coating salt spray resistance of up to 1200h.
    As can be seen from the above, water-based coatings are water as solvents, after curing water as solvents evaporated into the atmosphere, and resins and other chemical compositions in the coating interlinked with each other to form new compounds, new compounds are not soluble in water. Therefore, good water-based coatings are not afraid of water. Water paint is mainly environmental protection, it is diluted with water, no chemicals, water paint in general has no waterproof effect, but the light is this paint paint to waterproof, there is still a certain level, compared to professional waterproofing works is not compared, that is, to a certain extent, there is a certain waterproof effect. However, the choice still needs to be selected to meet the standard inspection of the product is appropriate.
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