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    Small semi-automatic economic capsule filling machine

    • Last Update: 2014-04-23
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    Suitable range of small economic capsule filling machine: the whole set of jn-1 economic capsule filling machine is less than ten thousand yuan, which is suitable for filling hollow capsules with low price When filling different types of capsules, you only need to replace the corresponding capsule filling plate, which can be done with several hundred yuan; moreover, it is easy to operate, and you can learn to operate completely in ten minutes, and you can complete the replacement of the array plate in 20 minutes; The main features of the small capsule filling machine are: 1 The key components, hopper and table are made of stainless steel, which conforms to GMP standard; 2 The structure is simple, the power consumption is small, the production efficiency is high, the maintenance and cleaning are easy, and the failure rate is very low 3 It is suitable for filling all kinds of powder and granules in 00 × 10, 0 × 10, 1 × 10, 2 × 10, 3 × 10 and 4 × 10 capsules; 4 It is easy to operate, and can learn to operate completely in ten minutes; it is convenient to change the model, and can complete the replacement of the template in 20 minutes; 5 The filling rate of the capsule reaches 100%, and the qualified rate of the capsule can reach more than 99.8%, and the requirements for the capsule are not high The economic capsule filling machine has many advantages, such as fast arrangement, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption and so on The product is composed of one cap, one end capsule arranging machine, one locking machine and capsule filling plate The capsule filling plate is composed of cap plate, body plate and middle plate The cap and body end capsule arranging machine is respectively responsible for arranging the cap and body of the capsule, and the capsule filling plate is responsible for filling the arranged cap and body end capsule into the body end capsule of the body end capsule filling plate (body plate), and matching the cap and body end capsule in the cap and body end capsule filling plate through the middle plate; The capsule locking machine is responsible for locking the capsules in the matched capsule filling plate according to the specified length Technical parameters of small economic capsule filling machine: (take 187 capsules as an example) 1 Model: jn-187a (cold-rolled plate body), jn-187b (stainless steel body) 2 Output: 10000 capsules / h 3 Power: 380V or 220V 50Hz 4 Power: 470w 5 Qualification rate: ≥ 99.8% 6 Loading accuracy: W ± 5% 7 Formwork accuracy: r0.05mm 8 Locking pressure limit: 800kg 9 Overall dimension: 900mm × 500mm × 950mm 10 Weight: 130kg small economic capsule filling machine working principle: (capsule filling machine) according to jn-400 The principle of capsule filling machine is a miniaturized capsule filling machine which integrates cap arranging machine, body arranging machine and locking machine The utility model has the functions of arranging and locking capsules, reduces the body and floor area, and has the advantages of small and beautiful appearance, health requirements, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, economy and practicality; only one or two people are needed for operation, and no special training is needed for personnel; the capsule arrangement speed is fast, the drug loading is uniform, and the product qualification rate is high; When different types of capsules need to be replaced, only the corresponding type of capsule filling plate needs to be replaced; Zui is suitable for the filling of capsules in health care products factory, small pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical research unit, hospital preparation room, special clinic, drugstore, nourishing health care products shop and other units Operation steps of small capsule filling machine: 1 Press the green button in the "power switch" to turn on the power 2 Slowly adjust the "vibration strength adjustment knob" and turn it clockwise At this time, the finishing disk, which is connected with the "vibration bracket", starts to vibrate Touch the finishing disk with your hand and adjust the vibration intensity according to your feeling 3 Put the powder filled capsule shell into the "powder filled capsule shell finishing plate", about 300 capsules each time Put the capsule cap into the "capsule cap finishing plate", about 300 capsules each time The finishing plate is made of plexiglass plate, on which there are many circular holes with big upper and small lower funnel shape, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of capsule number At this time, the capsule shell of the working platform plate moves stably and slowly, so that it can enter the hole of the platform plate one by one 4 In about 30 seconds, the powder filled capsule shell and capsule cap fall into the round hole with the opening facing up If the individual opening is facing down, the capsule cap can be used to press the sleeve down gently, and then the sleeve can be pulled out 5 Horizontally hold the connecting plate of the powder loaded capsule shell, push it in the bottom of the finishing plate, and the powder loaded capsule shell in the finishing plate will fall into the circular hole of the connecting plate, and then take out the connecting plate In the same way, take out the capsule cap with the capsule cap connecting plate 6 Prepare a powder square plate with a bottom area of 500 × 500mm and a height of about 10 mm on four sides in advance, which is filled with powder Place the connecting plate of powder filled capsule shell in the powder square plate Then cover the plexiglass frame matched randomly on the powder filling capsule connecting plate, put the powder into the frame with a small bucket shovel, and fill the powder with a scraping on the edge of the frame, and scrape off the excess powder 7 Use the capsule cap cover set plate (shown at the end of the figure, there are round holes on the set plate), put it on the capsule cap cover joint plate, with alignment holes, easy to place Turn over the capsule cap connecting plate, make the opening of the capsule face down, and cover it on the powder loaded capsule shell connecting plate, which also has a contraposition hole, so it is easy to cover 8 Put the sheathed capsule plate into the cavity under the "capsule cap forming plate", pull down the "pressure bar" with your hand and put it in place, do not need to be careful of excessive force, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the pressure height Take out the sheathed capsule plate, pour out the capsule, and fill it You can cycle to the next board Precautions for small capsule filling machine: 1 This equipment is a vibrating machine The fastening of screws at all parts shall be checked frequently If there is any looseness, the screws shall be tightened in time to prevent failure and damage 2 The plexiglass parts (worktable board and medicine board) shall be protected from direct sunlight and near high temperature, and heavy objects shall not be used The medicine board must be placed vertically or horizontally to avoid deformation and damage 3 The electrical shell and body must be grounded to ensure safety and cut off the power after work. 4 At the end of every day's work, the residual drugs on the machine and in the mold hole shall be cleaned to keep the whole machine clean and sanitary and avoid washing the machine with water If the mould on the machine needs to be cleaned, the fixing screw can be loosened, and then it can be taken down, which is convenient for installation Common faults and maintenance of small capsule filling machine: 1 The vibration is not ideal and the voltage is regulated 2 The reed screw is loose and tightened 3 The capsule shell is arranged in the workbench plate, and the opening is higher or lower Adjust the height of the dislocation plate and the guide rail 4 The capsule shell has too many inverted heads (more than 3%), and the vibrator is not adjusted properly Because the proper voltage is adjusted or the capsule shell size is not up to the specification, the qualified capsule shell is selected 5 The capsule shell can not fall when it is stuck on the platen Replace the capsule shell or adjust the position of the dislocation plate and platen hole 6 The mold cannot be reset in the track, and the compression spring at the back end of the track is stuck or the capsule variant is stuck Reinstall the spring or ejector rod, and push the stick to push the stuck capsule down 7 The guide plate in the mold is worn, which affects the low rate of capsule fitting Replace the new mold or loosen the positioning on both sides, fasten the positioning nails, change the capsule shape or wet, and replace the capsule shell Author of this article: Chang Hong pharmaceutical machinery Link: copyright @ reprint must indicate the author and original source in the form of link
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