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    Soda and baking soda are not just the difference between names

    • Last Update: 2021-10-10
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    Baking soda and soda are commonly used supplies, sometimes purchased in stores
    They buy the wrong items because they are close together and the names are similar.
    How to distinguish baking soda is a knowledge that needs to be remembered in life.
    The following is a list of the differences between baking soda and soda


    What is the difference between soda and baking soda?

    What is the difference between soda and baking soda?

    Different ingredients

    Soda is also called soda noodles, edible soda ash, edible soda, etc.
    Yes, soda is edible soda.
    Edible soda is also called soda.
    Its chemical formula is sodium carbonate (Na2Co3), which is a naturally occurring raw material.
    Baking soda generally refers to edible soda.
    Soda, whose chemical formula is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCo3), is an upgraded raw material made through soda processing, so the composition and structure of the two are different;

    Different colors

    The color of soda is slightly transparent white, the color is not as white as baking soda and has a little transparency, while the color of baking soda is white, and it is pure white, very white;

    Different shapes

    From the appearance of soda light, it is similar to sugar but smaller in fine sand state, not in powder form, while baking soda is in the form of very fine white powder;

    The smell is different

    The smell of soda is relatively pungent, with obvious pungent odor, and the taste is heavy, commonly known as "alkali odor", while the smell of baking soda is very flat, not pungent, and does not have any peculiar smell;

    Different in nature

    The properties of soda are relatively stable and do not decompose when exposed to heat.
    It is easily soluble in water and the water becomes alkaline when mixed with water.
    However, the properties of baking soda are unstable.
    It is decomposed into sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water, so the water becomes weakly alkaline after being dissolved in water;

    Different purposes

    Soda can not be eaten directly because it is alkaline and has a pungent odor, even if it is dissolved in water.
    Baking soda is not alkaline and has a light odor, so it can be eaten and is often used in various preparations.
    Used in soda and soda


    The names of soda and baking soda are the same, but because they have different functions, they have different uses.
    Learn to distinguish them clearly.
    Especially in life, you must be more careful when you buy them so that you don’t find yourself buying the wrong ones after you buy them home.
    On the contrary, they add unnecessary Troubles


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