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    Solution agent market first broke 20 billion 3 major domestic brands skyrocketed!

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 10, the latest data of The Minnet Network shows that in 2019 China's public medical institutions terminal chemical solution agent market size of the first broke 20 billion, the growth rate of 12.35 percent, higher than the overall size of chemical drugs growth rate of 5.77 percent of the horizontal lineThe threshold of top20 brand top20 for internal service solution agent has risen to 235 million yuan, with the growth rate of three domestic brands exceeding 30%From June to date, Enhua Pharmaceuticals' hydrochloric acid midazolam syrup 3 types of imitation listing application sat in CDE acceptance, approved is expected to become the first domestic imitation, in addition, there is a left ethyl Lacitan oral solution 4 class generic listing application seisied, these new products are approved to enter the market will also become a chemical solution solution market emerging forcesSolution agent market size first broke 20 billion, the domestic top20brand exposureFigure 1: annual sales of solution agent (units: 10,000 yuan)Source: Minet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern
    Minet data show that in 2019 China's urban publichospitals, county-level public hospitals, urban community centers and township hospitals (referred to as public health institutions) terminal chemical stake in the overall size of 109.29 billion yuan In terms of dosage form, injections, tablets are still in the hundreds of billions of ladders, the growth rate is 3.27%, 7.66%, 10 billion ladders involved in the dosage form including capsules, inhalers, solutions, dispersants and granules, the fastest growth rate is bulk and granules, up to 21.88 percent, solution agent growth rate of 12.35 percent, the first time in 2019 the size of 20 billion yuanTable 1: 2019 to take solution agent brand TOP20Source: Minnet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern
    the use of solution agent brand TOP20, involving 5 general nutrition products, cough and cold medication has 3, vitamins, constipation drugs each have 2From the growth rate, there are 5 brands growth rate of more than 20%, including Zhejiang Iwu biological dust droplets, Zhejiang Kant Pharmaceutical Group's ammonia phenol methane dry suspension agent, National Pharmaceutical Holdingstar Shark Pharmaceutical (Xiamen) vitamin D drops growth rate is more than 30%Figure 2: Zhejiang Wu biological dust droptry annual sales trend (unit: 10,000 yuan)Source: Minnet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern
    dust droplets are my exclusive products of Wubiological, for allergic rhinitis caused by dust tick allergy, allergic asthma desensitization treatmentIn recent years, with the intensification of air pollution, allergic rhinitis, the incidence of allergic asthma continues to increase, dust droplets as the current domestic standardthe under-tongue of the serving should be the original desensitization preparation, the demand continues to climb, in 2019 in China's public medical institutions terminal sales have exceeded 600 million yuan, ranking from top14 in 2015 all the way up to 2019 TOP5According to the company's annual report data show that the dust droplets increase indications "used for dust aphid allergy caused by the desensitization of dermatitis treatment" Phase III clinical is under way, the future market potential is still considerableFigure 3: Zhejiang Kant Pharmaceutical Group's annual sales trend of ammonia mablast dried suspension (units: 10,000 yuan)Source: Minnet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern
    ammonia-phenol methane mixer is the exclusive product of Zhejiang Kant Pharmaceutical Group, for cough and cold medicine, suitable for the relief ofchildren
    common and influenza-induced fever, headache, limb pain, sneezing, runny nose, nose, nose, sore, sore, soreSales of the product exceeded the 200 million yuan mark in 2019, with a growth rate of 33.92%Five new products have been approved, seven approvals have been evaluatedtable 2: 2020 to date approved the source of internal service solution agent: Minnet MED China Drug Review Database 2.0 min net data show that by 2020 has been approved for listing of five new internal solution agent In 2019, at the terminal of public medical institutions in China, sales of oral solution of zuxitriquine hydrochloric acid exceeded 100 million yuan, 8 enterprises were approved for , 8 were approved for the , the sales of oral solution of zuo-Ethirazitan was close to 130 million yuan, 6 enterprises were approved (including 1 import); and the sodium valproate oral solution was only Senono on the market earlier Fei approved, sales in 2019 more than 70 million yuan, Zucanitin oral solution sales of more than 250 million yuan, approved enterprises have 8 (including 1 import), hydrochloric acid ammonia broso oral solution sales of more than 580 million yuan, approved enterprises have 33 (including 2 imports)   Sichuan Otsuka Pharmaceuticals' hydrochloric acid left sitrigin oral solution, Jianmin Group Yekai Thai medicine (with state) of the left ethyl lasitan oral solution according to the new classification approved as the same as through consistency evaluation Sodium valproate oral solution, zokanitin oral solution, hydrochloric acid ampicinoso oral solution 3 products are currently no enterprise evaluation Table 3: Up to now passed or treated as the evaluation of the inner application solution Source: MED MED China Drug Review Database 2.0 as of June 8, 2020, the current number of internal service solution agent approved up to 7, in addition to Hainan First Sound Pharmaceuticals head spore clovel dry suspension agent, the rest are approved according to the new classification of the same evaluation Cephalocodry suspension, calcium gluconate zinc oral solution, alypone oral solution, hydrochloric acid zositilline oral solution and compound calcium gluconate oral solution are currently only 1 enterprise rated   Enhua heavy-duty varieties of the first imitation of the agent type hit, 13 new products will soon be approved
    CDE official website data show that Enhua Pharmaceuticals hydrochloric acid Midazolam syrup 3 types of generic listing applications were recently accepted by CDE, Midazolam is one of the heavyweight products in the field of Enhua Pharmaceuticals psycho-stabilizing drugs, in 2019 China's public medical institutions to bring nearly 20% sales contribution rate to enterprises   Figure 4: Midazolam sales (units: 10,000 yuan) Source: Minnet China's public medical institutions terminal competition pattern
    2019 in China's public medical institutions terminal chemical drug psychotropic drug generic name TOP20, Midazolam with sales of nearly 630 million yuan ranked TOP6, growth rate reached 17.74%, the leading enterprise Enhua Pharmaceutical market share of 79.20% Enhua Pharmaceuticals involved in the products of Midaazole tablets and Medaaaazole injections, if the hydrochloric acid Midaazolam syrup 3 types of generic listing application signed, that is, for the domestic first imitation and as review, for the enterprise in the market competition to add new momentum, the current Enda Pharmaceuticals Midazolam injection consistency evaluation is being reviewed   Table 4: Applications for the listing of internal service solution agents reviewed so far in 2020
    Source: MED China Drug Review Database 2.0 2020, in addition to Enhua Pharmaceuticals' 3 imitation listing applications for hydrochloric acid Midazolam syrup, Beijing Chengji Pharmaceutical's left ethyl sitan oral liquid 4 generic listing applications have been accepted, 13 acceptance numbers involving internal service solution are still under review, including two imports   Domestic imitation, Chengdu Bete Pharmaceuticals and Xintai Pharmaceuticals (Suzhou) in the competition for oseltamivir dry suspension of phosphate domestic first imitation; Earlier has been Shandong Dain Marine Biopharma declaration 6 categories of imitation, CDE in 2018 to give the review recommendations for information, a magenta can finally take the first imitation, we wait and see;   In terms of consistency evaluation supplement application, Hainan Puli Pharmaceutical's ground chlorate-to-dry suspension agent, State Pharmaceutical Group Shantou Jinshi Pharmaceutical's head spore propaean dry suspension agent, and Hainan Sanye Good Pharma's cephalosporine ester dry suspension agent are being reviewed and approved   Source: note of the Minnet database: Review data as of 8 June 2020, please indicate any errors
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