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    Solution for purification of serine protease

    • Last Update: 2020-06-20
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    Introduction toserine proteaseSerine proteases are a family of proteases whose role is to break the peptide bonds in macromolecule proteins, making them small molecular proteins or peptidesIncluding trypsin, trypliase, elastinase, clotting enzymes, luteinases, urine kinases, intestinal kinases, trypsatkinase lysozytase, tissue lysozyme activators, neurogenic finine proteases, etcSerine protein accounts for 1/3 of the protease family cluster, and in mammals, serine protease plays an important role, especially in digestion, clotting and complement systemsSerine protein drugs are also widely usedthe phenyl agar microspheresspecifically for serine proteaseThe benzoyl ether is a broad-spectrum inhibitor of serine protease, and serine protease and its inhibitors have a very specific affinitythe characteristics of phenyl agar microsphere purification serine protease:1) high specificity, good specificity, rapid purification in one step2) high load filler (HS), pancreatic load 40-50mg/ml3) can be selective, can provide high load / low load, high-strength cross-linking / low-strength cross-linking and other benzene ether affinity fillers4) The filling is highly resistant and easy to industrial amplificationstability verificationthe recommended bufferbalance: 0.05M Tris-HCl, 0.5M NaCl, adjusted pH 7.4, room temperature preservation (It is important to ensure that the pH is 7.4 after the preparation of the balance fluid, and when the sample is in the solution of pH,lt;6.5 or pH,gt;8.0, the sample and medium are weak or even ineffective.) lotion: elution I.0.05M Glycine, adjusted pH3.0, 4 oC preservation (recommended) the hluas ii.01M HCl, 0.5 M NaCl, adjust pH 2.0, 4 degrees C preservation (when the removal effect is not good use of the rheumate 2) the elution iii.05M Tris-HCl, 0.5M NaCl, 0.02M on amino benzodiazepines, adjust pH 7.4 (when the target is low hp) For the high absorption value of amino benzodiazepines at A280, the components in the lotion shall be detected using other detection methods such as SDS-PAGE or activity detection) Note: The elution is required for ready-to-use, 4 degrees C preservation (very easy-to-grow microorganisms) storage fluid: 0.05M acetate buffer, 20% ethanol, regulated pH 4.0, at room temperature the study of biological - in the wisdom, refined in research! focus on bio-separation filler development and downstream technology development of biological processes! Ion Exchange Fillers: DEAE/Q/CM/SP-6FF/HP/XL/HPR/HPL MMC/MMA-6FF/HP/XL/HF/BB, etc. -parent fillers: Ni-6FF (IDA/IMAC/TED), GST-4FF, ProteinA/G-4, preactivated fillers: CNBr, NHS, Epoxy, etc hydrophobic fillers: -blocking fillers such as Phenyl/Octyl/Butyl-6FF, etc .: 4B/6B/CL4B/CL6B/4FF/6FF, G25/G50/G75/75pg, etc Source: Biopharmaceutical Partners
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