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    Solution for the decline of reverse osmosis membrane performance in shallow water treatment equipment

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Chongqing Volan water treatment equipment company has more than ten years of experience in developingwater treatment equipment, reverse osmosis membrane performance decline is mainly due to the membrane surface pollutionExamples: blocked membrane holes, surface fouling, or caused by physical and chemical changesThe main causeof reverse osmosis membrane hole blockage is the deposition of the membrane surface and the growth of microorganismsMicrobes not only clog membrane holes, but also erode cellulose acetateThese chemical changes are mainly due to fluctuations in pH values, such as the hydrolysis of cellulose acetate and free chlorine, which also reduces the performance of polyamide-oriented membranesThis physical change is due to the reduction of reverse osmosis membrane permeability caused by compaction effectthe daily maintenance of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment
    the commissioning of reverse osmosis equipment is divided into two parts, pre-treatment commissioning and reverse osmosis host commissioning, pre-treatment part is mainly positive and reverse-washquartz sandThe adjustment of the reverse osmosis host is mainly to adjust the flow and pressure of incoming and out-of-water, the following is how to debug the daily reverse osmosis equipment?1The intake of water treatment equipment was analyzed and testedThe results show that the process meets the requirements of water intakein order to debug the device2 Adjust the pressure control system of the high-pressure pump   3 Check whether the connection between all the pipes in the water treatment equipment is perfect, the pressure gauge is complete, the low pressure pipe connection is tight, whether there is a deficiency 4, full-open pressure gauge switch and general water inlet valve, centralized water discharge valve, water discharge valve   5 Start the pretreatment equipment and adjust the water supply quantity greater than the total water intake of the equipment   6 Rinse back and rinse the sand carbon filter until the water is clear   7 Start the high-pressure pump and slowly open the total intake valve of the unit Pure water equipment is simple is the production of pure 8 adjust the water inlet valve, centralized water discharge valve, so that the water pressure reaches 1.0 to 1.4 Mpa   9 Test water treatment equipment water conductivity pure water equipment is simply the production of pure water equipment And pure water is widely used by us: living drinking, chemical, medical, farming, planting, food, beverages and so on Here's a brief introduction components and the process of producing pure water Hope to let you understand the industry to provide some help When the requirements are met, open the product exhaust valve and close the production drain valve 10 and RO devices are commissioned as manual step CaO sets After normal operation, you can automatically switch to the automatic operation state via the online meter and PLC 11 Start the regeneration system of the water treatment equipment to see if the regeneration system is working properly
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