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    Solutions to all kinds of headaches in the construction of water-in-water colorful paints!

    • Last Update: 2021-06-04
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    Water-in-water colorful paint refers to a paint that uses water as a solvent or as a dispersion medium and can obtain colorful patterns in one application.
    It is a kind of paint that not only meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, but also gives people a sense of elegance and magnificence.
    New and potential environmentally friendly architectural coatings that are in line with the future development direction of coatings, and water-in-water products represented by the Shoujia building materials system all have fairly mature product technologies.


    The characteristics of water-in-water colorful paint

    The most important attribute of water-in-water colorful paint is that it can get colorful patterns in one application, because this paint is composed of two immiscible phases, one is the dispersed phase and the other is the continuous phase (dispersion medium).
    The dispersed phase contains two or more colored particles of different sizes, which are uniformly suspended in a dispersion medium containing a stabilizer, and are in a stable state, and the color generally does not disappear or change.
    When decorating the wall, use a special spray gun to spray water-based color paint at one time, and the particles of each color can form a variety of color effects that interlace each other but maintain their own colors, similar to natural granite effect
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    Second, the problems that are prone to occur in the construction of water-in-water colorful coatings

    Storage problem

    Since the water-in-water multi-color paint is composed of a dispersed phase and a continuous phase, the product of the water-in-water multi-color paint is formed because of relative insolubility between the two phases.
    However, due to the difference in the proportion of the two or the improper control of the system viscosity, the dispersed phase sinks and the continuous phase floats during long-term storage, resulting in a floating water layer after storage of the water-based colorful paint.


    Cracking problem

     Although this kind of water-in-water colorful paint has anti-cracking properties, it cannot be used alone to achieve a decorative effect.
    It is necessary to adopt a series of reasonable construction techniques on the wall, such as choosing a leveling mortar with excellent crack resistance.
    , Alkali-resistant reinforced materials, alkali-resistant primer, weather-resistant intermediate paint, etc.


    Problems with construction equipment

    Because the water-in-water colorful paint has certain corrosiveness and adhesion to the coating equipment, especially the iron equipment has a certain rust effect, it is easy to dissolve the metal in the conveying pipeline, cause the dispersed particles to precipitate, and the coating film produces pitting and pitting.
    Water-in-water colorful paint has poor dispersion stability against strong mechanical forces.
    When the flow velocity in the conveying pipeline changes sharply, the dispersed particles are compressed into solid particles, causing pitting in the coating film.


    The problem of stabilization effect

    Because the water content of the water-in-water colorful paint is relatively high, and the volatilization of water strongly depends on the environment.
    In a low humidity environment, it may dry quickly and sometimes cause cracks; in a high humidity environment, the film formation process will be very Slow, it is easy to cause the paint to sag; in addition, the newly formed paint layer is often very sensitive to water, and the increase of the water vapor content in the air will cause the paint to wrinkle.

    Third, further improve the construction process of water-based colorful coatings

    Pay attention to the storage and transportation of paint

    For paint developers, the formula design of water-in-water colorful paint should fully consider the specific gravity of the dispersed phase and the continuous phase aqueous solution (dispersion medium), and the difference should not be too large, and the viscosity of the system should be increased under the premise of satisfying the workability.
    ; For the constructor, the concentration or addition amount of the gelling agent should be adjusted when preparing the coating; at the same time, the concentration or addition amount of the gelling agent should not be too high, otherwise excessive gelation will occur.
    Do not store the prepared paint for a long time, and the storage container should be suitable and the pipe wall should be free of defects.


    Strict construction procedures

    The construction procedure of water-in-water colorful paint includes the following steps:

      Primary treatment of wall surface;

      Putty coating

      Elastic coating closed primer coating;

      Flexible real stone paint coating;

      Water-in-water colorful paint coating;

      High weather resistance water-based finishing coat;

      Stable spraying effect, etc.


    Before construction, the wall needs a certain period of maintenance.
    The wall should be fully solidified and dried, and then the loose, peeled, hollow, and powdered base layer should be completely removed to remove dust, oil and other pollutants.


    Putty coating: repair the wall with flexible water-resistant putty.
    The first part is leveled, putty or caulking glue is used to fill large holes and gaps, and after drying, the part is polished, and then a full batch of putty is used to level the base.
    The thickness of one scraping coating should not exceed 0.
    5mm, and the construction should be divided into two or more; the interval between each coating should not be less than 5h.
    Each putty should be polished and trimmed in time after scraping.
    Pay special attention to controlling the total thickness of the flexible putty, which is between 0.
    5 and 1.
    0 mm.


    Elastic paint sealing primer coating: use elastic paint sealing primer formulated from high permeability synthetic resin emulsion to spray the wall surface to achieve excellent alkali resistance sealing and anti-cracking effect on the base surface of the mixed wall.

    Flexible real stone paint coating: natural real stone paint using high-performance elastic silicone acrylate copolymer emulsion as the base material, and the coating spraying made of pure natural precious natural stone particles, so that the wall has good weather resistance and resistance.
    It has the characteristics of strong water whiteness, bendable and non-cracking on the elastic substrate.

    Water-based colorful paint coating: Use a special spray gun to spray through multiple transformations of physical changes and chemical reactions to refine and wrap the liquid water-based resin into colloidal water-based colored particles.
    The colored particles are independent of each other and evenly suspended in the specific water-based emulsion.
    The formation of water-in-water colorful paints with stable performance and random incompatible particle sizes can produce artistic and colorful patterns on the walls.


    High weather resistance water-based overprint coating: a high weather resistance water-based overprint coating made of silicone acrylic emulsion, single-component curing at room temperature, its unique coating film curing mechanism and strong bond energy between chemical bonds provide high-end Architectural coatings require extremely strong pollution resistance, high gloss, gloss retention, weather resistance, water resistance and other properties.


    Pay attention to artistic construction design

    The above construction procedures can make the walls have realistic effects such as imitating marble.
    If we carry out artistic construction design during construction, the decorative effect will be better.


    Focus on stable effects

    Water-in-water colorful paints have strict requirements on the construction environment conditions (temperature, humidity), so the investment in temperature and humidity adjustment equipment should be increased during the construction process, and electric drying and other equipment are used to stabilize the air humidity and temperature in the construction environment.
    Avoid slow effect changes in the film forming process after construction.
    But at the same time, pay attention to the damage of these equipment to the wall after construction.

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