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    South charge "Carrie paint" color running activities to start the national fitness boom

    • Last Update: 2021-02-04
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    News: Recently, folk sports activities quietly emerged in Nanding City, from the recent Baili hiking to May 23 in Jialing District launched the color running activities, set off a folk fitness activities of the boom, for the early summer season in Nanding injected a fresh vitality.
    on the morning of May 23rd, hundreds of sports enthusiasts who love sports and life, together with their families and friends, were removed from the "Carberry Paint" color running event of the 2015 National Fitness Campaign in Nancing City, in the square of the Tesco Shopping Centre in Jialing District. Head to foot sprinkled with colorful corn powder, they run while playing, attack each other, around the glorious market outside a big circle, hi turned the whole field, although tired sweating, panting, the joy and excitement of the heart is overflowing with words. Their odd outfits and "weird" moves attracted a large number of people to stop and watch and talk. For the first time, the live media and spectators also experienced the joy and joy of the color run up close.
    color running
    "color running" is a popular at home and abroad in recent years, people participate in a particularly high degree of mass fitness activities, known as "the happiest 5 km run on earth." Participants wearing custom T-shirts, splashing color powder to express their blessings, emphasizing freedom, no boundaries, no ranking, no time, regardless of gender, regardless of age, is a true sense of national fitness activities. "Color powder is made of pure natural cornmeal, harmless to the human body and the environment", can not only seize the eye with color, but also transmit the positive energy of youth, spread health and happiness. Relevant organizers said that the holding of color running activities is also to meet the August 8 "National Fitness Day" to meet the arrival of the whole people's physique, further stimulate the vitality and enthusiasm of the officers to start a business, to show the new era of the south full of people's new weather, new look, new changes, so that everyone away from sub-health.
    Seating improvisational dance
    refers to the pressure plate springboard music turn the sky
    According to Nanzhong Jiabao paint dealer He Fengming introduced, The reason for The name of The Color Run event, is to echo the sponsorship of Zhejiang Satellite TV "wonderful good life" column, with hundreds of millions of families to share beautiful rest assured. The whole event will last more than a month, after the launch ceremony and the first division, a second division will be held in Xizhong on May 31st, a third session will be held in Yuzhong on June 21st, and the final will be held on June 28th in the 1227th Square in Shunqing District. The top 10 families in each sub-field will receive a fine gift and have the opportunity to compete in the finals, compete for the first, second and third prizes, and win the iPad, mountain bike, Xiaomi mobile phone and other prizes. Each other participating in the finals will receive a $200 paint voucher.
    Color run photo
    in order to reflect the "wonderful good life, let love more assured" activities purposes, this activity encourages the form of a family of three to register, individual couples or honey can also be two people to register. Organizers hope that everyone can take care of each other during the event, echo each other, and experience the peace of mind and happiness of spending the weekend with family or friends.
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