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    Speaking of Momo's preparation for listing, an analysis of the future trend of the mobile Internet

    • Last Update: 2021-05-02
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    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Momo formally submitted a prospectus for listing in the United States to the SEC early this morning (2014/11/8).
    Although the news itself is not an explosive news in the IT industry, after all, Momo has been working since its launch in the second half of 2011.
    The domestic mobile social market has a high degree of visibility and attention.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">However, we are still amazed by the excellent performance of the operating data disclosed in the Momo prospectus—in September 2014, monthly active users were 6020W, average daily active users were 2550W, and the number of groups was 450W, and a total of 4.
    9W offline offline users were released.
    Activities, the commercialization attempt began in the second half of 2013, the income of that year was 310W, and the income of the first half of 2014 was 1390W (but its finances are still in a state of loss).


    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">If only looking at the scale of revenue, Momo’s current revenue is not as good as that of a Tao brand, but we must not forget that this is just the result of its initial commercialization attempt, and the mobile social communication market is far from yet It is saturated.
    There are successful cases of QQ’s “from lack of a profit model to becoming a gold-seeker” on the PC side.
    As long as Momo closely follows the tail of WeChat in the mobile social field (don’t let it continue QQ’s legacy on the traditional Internet) Dominance), then there is still a good chance of accomplishing a big cause.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Regarding the mobile social communication market, I have done a lot of analysis in the article "Don't Forget Your Original Heart", and interested friends may wish to check it out.
    Now I want to focus on the market opportunities of the entire mobile Internet.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Speaking of mobile Internet, everyone knows that it is the future trend of the entire Internet industry, full of possibilities.
    But who can really understand where its value comes from and where it will eventually go?

    Speaking of mobile Internet, everyone knows that it is the future trend of the entire Internet industry, full of possibilities.
    But who can really understand where its value comes from and where it will eventually go?

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">In the 1980s, the emergence and development of the Internet fundamentally revolutionized the information dissemination system in human society: information was transformed from a single form such as text and pictures into a digital fusion form that "can be switched between any forms".
    The information carrier has changed from a small-capacity physical device such as paper to a large-capacity optical disk hard disk, and the information transmission channel has changed from a consignment form of people, horses, carriages and ships to communication cables and optical fibers that travel at the speed of light.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">With the help of the Internet, the efficiency of people's production/processing of information has increased thousands of times over the previous era.
    With the continuous development of science and technology, people not only have a more extensive network transmission system, but also have a powerful and more convenient Internet terminal, which makes "you can get in touch with others anytime and anywhere to obtain information and efficient production and life.
    " Mode" has become a reality.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">In fact, to put it bluntly, the mobile Internet is just moving the traditional process of surfing the Internet in fixed places such as offices or homes to "anytime, anywhere".
    However, just the change of the Internet site can be called a milestone in the development of the Internet—— With the help of mobile Internet, people are generating/processing information with unprecedented efficiency.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">However, as the saying goes, “whatever you gain, you must lose”.
    While the mobile Internet provides greater convenience, it also sacrifices some computing performance.
    Subject to the limitations of hardware technology, mobile devices are still unable to compete with traditional computing performance.
    Comparable to desktop PCs (never expect it to surpass desktop PCs in terms of performance).

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Therefore, to a certain extent, the mobile Internet is only a supplement to the traditional Internet: tasks that require a lot of computing resources, such as processing pictures and editing images, are obviously more suitable for desktop PCs in the traditional Internet field, such as social/reading/shopping/leisure.
    In this way, matters that do not require much time and location and computing resources are more suitable to be carried out on the mobile Internet.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">So that’s it for explaining the fundamental value concept of the mobile Internet.
    Let’s take a look at "what will people do the most on the mobile Internet"?

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">In today’s fast-paced social life, people often feel the pressure from work and life and a strong sense of loneliness, so people are very eager to communicate with others in some form, which is the so-called "Social needs".
    This demand is so powerful that some people have been completely dragged down by "social needs": they are aimlessly scanning Weibo and Moments on the Internet to brush their presence.


    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">But no matter what, social communication is a very important "Internet demand" of people, and from the current market structure (the reality of Momo's self-contained development under the eyes of WeChat), there is still a mobile social communication field.
    Great opportunity for intervention (competition), which is also one of the future development directions of mobile Internet.

    There are still great opportunities for intervention (competition) in the field of mobile social communications, which is also one of the future development directions of the mobile Internet.

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Another development direction of the mobile Internet is to "become the all-round (and only) assistant in people's work and life".
    Because mobile Internet devices have unparalleled convenience advantages (small size and never leave the body) compared with traditional PCs, functional service vendors can use this to penetrate into all aspects of users' work and life and have a certain impact.

    Another development direction of the mobile Internet is to "become the all-round (and only) assistant in people's work and life".

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">The specific product form is like "Google now": it can use the powerful information processing capabilities of the cloud to provide you with relevant help and services from the entire process from waking you up to your daily work and life.
    In fact, it can also integrate the "social communication" function into itself.
    I am afraid that the mobile Internet industry will really be the only one of Google (you ask why it is not integrated? I can't understand it, but I can't guess it.
    For example, I don’t understand why WeChat will set the "non-friend comments cannot be viewed" setting on the Moments dynamics).

    7999992370605px; text-indent: 0px;">Finally, let us imagine the scene of daily life in the future: the first ray of sunlight in the morning shines into the bedroom, and the little brother (Google nickname) detects that you are almost asleep, and wakes you up with a soft and gentle music , A new day has begun.
    You get up, brush your teeth and wash your face, and then drink a cup of milk or coffee that your little brother has warmed for you in advance.
    After you go to work, the little brother controls the house cleaning robot to clean the room and wash the clothes you threw into the washing machine last night, while reporting to you the specific work process that needs attention today through an external smart headset.
    You are right.
    It said: "No, read me the morning news.
    " After receiving the voice command, the little brother stopped reporting and started to read out the morning news subscribed according to interest in the most beautiful female voice.

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