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    Spectrum has released its latest beverage custom ingredient: Sigma-Beverage

    • Last Update: 2021-02-17
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    , Illinois, U.S.A. - Spectrometry introduces the latest breakthrough stevia glycoside ingredient
    which specializes in optimizing beverage formulations and provides superior taste compared to other stevia glycoside ingredients on the market.
    is able to significantly reduce sugar and calories but taste similar to sugar, and formulator designers are free to develop consumer favorite drinks, while reducing development time by
    . "
    is formulated using a patented combination of stevia alcohol glycosides designed to address the unique needs of beverage formulations. "The vice president of marketing innovation at
    Son. We have seen the success of this approach for our customers and we are pleased to help them further enrich the range of beverages and reduce overall calories while meeting consumer demand for flavours. as the perfect natural stevia sugar sweetener for beverage formulations,
    has the essential pre-sweetness required for most beverages, while reducing sweetness stay time when formulating solutions as low as zero calories. "Because of the high sweetness of the beverage portfolio, it often presents challenges for beverage formulaters," said
    John Martin, senior director of global technology innovation at
    Spectrom. "Using stevia sugar to achieve this high sweetness demand often results in a sweet stay and a strong sweet aftertaste. However, by choosing a combination of stevia glycosides with different sweet tastes that result in pure, sugar-like flavors and reduced sweetness stay time, we were able to create a stevia glycoside ingredient to effectively accept the challenges of beverage applications. We are very pleased with the results we have seen. Sigma-
    is the third special ingredient in the Spectrum product line. It and
    are both taste better than the first generation
    Reb A
    and have been developed using spectrometrology predictive modeling techniques.
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