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    Speed ​​up the implementation of cooperative projects

    • Last Update: 2022-03-28
    • Source: Internet
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    At the beginning of the new year, the pace of internationalization of leading agricultural resources companies has once again appeared.
    On January 10th, local time, Kim Zhengda's Thailand office was officially inaugurated in Bangkok.
    This is an important part of Kingenta's internationalization strategy along the "Belt and Road" to build the four major global centers as overseas bases.
    The goal is to lead China's fertilizer industry to the world and build a world-class new fertilizer giant.
    For this cooperation, the Royal Family of Thailand, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Bangkok City Government have given great attention and support.
    Thailand’s Prince Subor Bhamoxian, Thailand’s Prince Surawu Thongtian, Bangkok’s Deputy Mayor Jakapan Pengju, and Kingenta Group Chairman Wan Lianbu unveiled the Thailand office of Kingenta.
    Thailand's Ministry of Agriculture expert Lesha Phrawan Sisunitychon, the former secretary-general of the International Fertilizer Association (IFA) Luke Mayne, and nearly a hundred elites in agricultural marketing from China witnessed the unveiling ceremony.
    It is understood that Kingenta is the first Chinese compound fertilizer company to set up an office in Thailand.
    Thailand is known as the "Granary of Southeast Asia" and an important hub of the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road".
    When talking about the reasons for the establishment of the Thailand office, Wan Lianbu said: the deep friendship between the Chinese and Thai families, the reputation of "the breadbasket of Southeast Asia", and the fulcrum of the Maritime Silk Road.
    Because of these, Kim Zhengda chose Thailand as the entry point.
    The bridgehead of ASEAN.
    Wan Lianbu said that based on the Thai office, Kim Zhengda will actively participate in the process of agricultural modernization in Thailand, accelerate the implementation of agricultural cooperation projects, deepen the in-depth cooperation with the agricultural departments of the Thai government, scientific research institutions and related enterprises, and jointly develop new models.
    The research and promotion of fertilizers and new agricultural products and technologies will build a new bridge for China-Thailand agricultural exchanges and cooperation.
    Thailand is the only net food exporter in Asia and one of the world's major food exporters.
    Agriculture is an important pillar of the national economy.
    However, due to the constraints of resources and industrial development, currently 80% of Thailand's fertilizer needs to be imported.
    In his speech, Thai Prince Subor Bhamo said enthusiastically that, as an excellent fertilizer manufacturer in China, Thailand hopes that Kingenta's products and technologies can better serve Thai agriculture.
    The Deputy Mayor of Bangkok, Jakapan Pengshu, is eagerly looking forward to exchanges and cooperation with Kimenta in the fields of environmentally friendly fertilizers and agricultural planting.
    As early as 2006, Kingenta established a new fertilizer research and development center in Washington, USA.
    In 2014, after the implementation of the national “One Belt One Road” strategy, Kingenta strengthened its layout in countries along the route.
    In that year, Kim Zhengda and Israel Livnat Group cooperated to establish "Kim Zhengda-Livnut Agricultural Science and Technology Research Center".
    In 2015, Kingenta North America Office was completed in the United States.
    Before and after, Kingenta also established long-term strategic partnerships with well-known scientific research institutions in Germany, Norway and other countries.
    According to JD Zhai, Executive Vice President of Kingenta, Kingenta will establish four centers in the Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas, mobilizing two resources and two markets: one is to research and develop new fertilizers, and to cooperate with scientific research institutions, industry organizations, government departments, and other countries.
    The agricultural association cooperates to promote the localization and adaptive adjustment of Kingenta's technology and products; the second is to conduct two-way trade to sell high-quality Chinese agricultural materials including Kingenta's products, and at the same time introduce high-quality overseas resources, with the help of Kingenta Distribution channels all over the country serve Chinese farmers.
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