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    Standardize the operation behavior of the refined oil market

    • Last Update: 2023-02-16
    • Source: Internet
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    In order to severely crack down on the illegal operation of refined oil, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and strictly regulate the order of the refined oil market, on June 13, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau issued a reminder and warning for
    the business behavior of refined oil trading enterprises.

    The Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds the majority of refined oil operators to strictly abide by the Product Quality Law, the Price Law, the Metrology Law, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law, the Advertising Law, the Trademark Law, the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law and other laws and regulations, and resolutely put an end to violations of laws and regulations

    In daily operation, it is forbidden to sell refined oil products with unqualified quality and the state explicitly eliminating or prohibiting the sale; It is forbidden to falsely mark the name, production enterprise, brand and other information of the published refined oil products; It is forbidden to destroy or modify measuring instruments and use the measuring module of the fuel dispenser to carry out measurement cheating, tampering with data and other illegal acts; It is forbidden to use a dispenser that has not applied for verification in accordance with the provisions or has failed to pass the verification; It is forbidden to counterfeit or use the registered trademarks of others without authorization, and to infringe the intellectual property rights of others; It is forbidden to violate the provisions of the state's relevant refined oil price policies and disrupt the normal market order and other price violations; Prohibit false publicity, commercial bribery and other acts of unfair competition; It is forbidden to publish illegal advertisements and deceive and mislead consumers

    For illegal acts with strong social reactions and high concern from the masses, the market supervision departments will strictly and quickly investigate and deal with illegal acts in accordance with the law, and publicly expose them
    If consumers find that the refined oil trading enterprises have relevant illegal acts, they can complain and report through the website (www.
    cn), mobile APP (national 12315 platform), the WeChat public account of the Shaanxi Market Supervision Bureau "into the municipal supervision - 12315 complaint and report column", and the 12315 hotline

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