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    Standards for the determination of hazardous substances in coatings have been approved by the country

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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       Global Coatings Network News:

    On June 12, the National Standards Committee issued the first batch of 330 planned projects after the reform of the national standard project system this year, involving equipment manufacturing, consumer goods industry, ecological protection, public safety and many other fields, and strive to improve the quality of standard supply , To better support structural reforms on the service supply side.

    Global Coatings Network News:

      The newly established standards pay more attention to the transformation of innovation achievements.
    The approved national standards highlight scientific and technological innovation, and list 72 cutting-edge technological achievements such as graphene performance measurement, flexible DC transmission, energy Internet, robot testing, and electric vehicle charging as major standard development projects and provide key support, and strive to form the technology as soon as possible Standards inject new impetus into the development of emerging industries.
    The standards set up this time also increase support for key technical standards required for equipment manufacturing and consumer product upgrades.
    There are 256 related standards set up, accounting for 82% of the entire project, involving chemicals, ships, steel and alloys, communications optical fibers, and electrical accessories.
    , Wire and cable, radio interference and other key areas of equipment manufacturing and consumer goods industry, promote the "Made in China" to accelerate to "boutique manufacturing", help the consumer goods industry to increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands.

      In addition, 18 new relevant standards have been formulated around water conservation regulations, land resource protection, soil environment, pollutant emissions and energy consumption, to better meet the needs of ecological protection and energy conservation and emission reduction; continuously optimize and improve the standard system in the field of public safety, 36 items The safety standards required for production and life have been approved, involving testing methods for dangerous chemicals, emergency rescue of dangerous goods transportation, determination of hazardous substances in coatings, elevator quality and safety, and public services, and continuously improving the level of public safety management.

      It is understood that since this year, the National Standards Committee has reformed the national standard project, introducing an expert evaluation mechanism for the first time to conduct evaluation, grasping standardization policies, laws and regulations, national industrial policies, planning, etc.
    , and strictly controlling the quality of projects.
    And the quantity, 47% of the projects approved this time failed the assessment due to small quantity, narrow coverage, scattered dots, etc.
    , because they did not meet the national standards for the scope of the project.
    After the implementation of the project evaluation reform, the national standard planning cycle will be further shortened, from the original two batches of plans issued a year to four batches a year.
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