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    Start from scratch and face up to the value of the company's name and brand name

    • Last Update: 2021-03-03
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    : For entrepreneurs, at the beginning of the business, you want to understand a few problems. Do you want to start a business or a brand? First, let's be clear about how important brands are to an entrepreneur: your company may be just one of the tens of millions of companies in the industry, but when you talk about Apple, when you talk about McDonald's, when you talk about Coca-Cola, they can already speak for the industry. This is every entrepreneur's greatest achievement. But what's the difference between being a business and being a brand? How do you get a brand to stand up from the company?
    A brand from birth to development is strong, the period will inevitably experience a series of difficulties, no brand development is smooth sailing, no entrepreneur does not want to grow and develop their own brand, the development of new brands is not overnight, need to do a lot of adequate preparation. Named as the first step in the establishment of the brand, more important. A brand name up well, can quickly think of what you are doing, more convenient for consumers to choose, at the same time a good name can make consumers have a sense of recognition, and ultimately form brand loyalty, which is a dream for any brand. When a brand develops loyalty, everything is in the water.
    is it that separates a business from a brand? Is it the number of company outlets? Is it income? Is it something you can measure by the amount of tags and retweets? What must an entrepreneur do before he can say, "We're not just a business, we're a brand"?
    concept of cards is very confusing. Ask 10 different people what the brand is and you'll get 10 different answers. In the name of Wikipedia, brands are defined here as "names, terms, designs, symbols, or any other characteristics" that can indicate that a seller's product is distinct from other sellers. These names, terms, designs, symbols, or any other feature may sound impressive, but they actually just mean you need to be different from others.
    for some brand managers, a brand is defined as "when he or she hears your brand name, whatever the future of your brand, it will think of you." In other words, your brand is your reputation.
    look at today's brand market, anyone who can become a representative of the category has an easy name to remember. For example, Xiaomi, Apple, ZTE, Huawei, Cool pie and other mobile phones, in the minds of consumers have formed a certain influence. When we buy mobile phones, their names often jump into our head first.
    as a start-up brand, a good name can bring your brand a good reputation and reputation. When a business goes beyond its origins, it grows into a brand whose response is visibility and reputation in the minds of consumers. It has mature core assets or a specific business philosophy that translates those ideas into everything it does, realizing its reputation or worldview through products, services, or a product line extension in turn.
    attach importance to the name of the brand, for every start-up enterprise or brand is and its important, do not accumulate steps to thousands of miles, to thousands of miles of the first step is to get a good name.
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