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    Stay up late to work overtime to supplement nutrition, multivitamin tablets role and efficacy to know!

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
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    Author: Meilin is located at: Health Encyclodeux Today's business competition is stressful, work tasks are getting heavier, and many people often stay up late or even work all night.
    long-term stay up late and great pressure, the body also brings a lot of negative effects, such as frequent physical fatigue, dizziness, poor immunity and so on.
    such a situation has appeared to improve, we must pay attention to rest in time, strengthen physical conditioning, usually also pay attention to more nutrition.
    you often stay up late and work overtime how to supplement nutrition? You can take a look at the role and efficacy of multivitamin tablets.
    vitamin tablets are a dietary nutritional supplement containing vitamins, which contain many kinds of essential vitamins, easy to be absorbed by the body, the role and efficacy of multivitamin tablets is to supplement the body with enough vitamins to avoid these vitamin deficiencies.
    Often stay up late, the demand for a variety of vitamins are relatively large, such as vitamin A can maintain the ability to adapt to the dark eyes, often stay up late with eye time growth, the demand for vitamin A will increase; Energy consumption, poor mental state after staying up late, need more B vitamins, and stay up late when the body is stressed, the body will produce too many free fundamentals, need to supplement with antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin E to help remove free fundamentals, to avoid these free fundamentals infringe on the body tissue.
    , it's important for people who stay up late often to take enough vitamins.
    vitamins are present in a variety of foods, because people who often stay up late, often accompanied by decreased appetite, irregular diet, daily difficult to ensure adequate intake of these vitamins.
    , it is necessary to play the role and efficacy of multivitamin tablets to help supplement these vitamins, thereby reducing the harm to the body by staying up late.
    However, there are more kinds of multivitamin tablets, in the choice of multivitamin tablets, but also according to their own circumstances to choose, you can choose a variety of vitamin tablets rich in nutrients, nutrition with reasonable combination, like Townsend multivitamin mineral tablets are good.
    Townsend multivitamin tablets according to the "Chinese residents dietary nutrient reference intake" related standards for nutrition matching, screening 16 essential human vitamins and minerals, and also according to the characteristics of different groups of people for nutrition ratio.
    e.g. men multi-dimensional according to male pressure, irregular diet and so on, strengthen the supplement B vitamins, selenium, zinc and other nutrients, women multi-dimensional according to women's unique physiological characteristics to strengthen vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, iron and other nutrients, according to the characteristics of different groups of people to match nutrition, supplementary nutrition more targeted.
    only need to eat one tablet a day, you can supplement a variety of vitamin minerals to meet the needs of the body.
    often stay up late to work overtime, you can use multivitamin tablets to help supplement a variety of vitamins.
    usually eat a piece of Thomson multi-vitamin tablets every day, to ensure adequate nutrition, more good for health!

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